How to remove scratches on lenses? It is not difficult, especially if you apply this product without spending money.  Scratches on eyeglass lenses? It can happen, especially after leaving your glasses lying around or doing something wrong, like falling asleep without taking them off. Although today there are cutting-edge technologies that result in scratch-resistant lenses, you can still see them against the light. The solutions offered on the market are not always suitable for the type of glasses, for this reason the experts recommend a completely natural method and with a commonly used product without spending extra money.

Why scratch lenses

Among the most annoying things that can happen when wearing glasses are scratched lenses for all sorts of reasons and causes. You no longer have perfect vision, you risk not being in control of the situation, and then there are obstacles that should not be underestimated.

In most cases, the lenses are scratched because the glasses are not put in the case at night or when not worn. Another common cause is falling asleep without taking them off or playing with children and dogs that receive a sudden blow or a blow with an object aimed directly at the lenses.

Be especially careful not to use toilet paper, precisely because cellulose not only makes the lenses dirtier, but also causes them to increase the scratch (albeit small). Experts recommend a completely natural and inexpensive method, a commonly used product that can be used for any type of lens.

Commonly used ingredient to remove scratches on lenses

Among the recommended methods to remove scratches from lenses is toothpaste, the classic method for brushing teeth. It is a product used in the classic form without microgranules or those with aggressive degreasing agents.

What is the next step?

  • Apply a little toothpaste to both lenses and then massage along the entire surface with the help of a cotton swab or a cotton pad.
  • Immediately afterwards – leave on for at least 10 minutes – immerse the lenses in a bowl of warm water and continue massaging the toothpaste onto the lenses until it is completely removed.
  • Dry the lenses with the help of the hair dryer and then with a special towel. The scratches are completely gone, and the lenses are flawless. This is a method that can also be used to counteract scratches and clean the lenses after a long day.

If you want, you can also use baking soda for scratched lenses. In this case, the bicarbonate is mixed with water and then applied to the lens, always rubbing over the entire surface. After 10 minutes, rinse completely and dry the lens well.