When we notice grease stains on the kitchen walls, we must necessarily intervene to remove them: here is the best remedy.

In the kitchen we often deal with the preparation of the most delicious delicacies, using various ingredients and of course pans and pots. However, it is when we prepare the dishes we love the most that we inevitably soil many areas of the kitchen. Usually the cooktop is the first area where grease builds up, but the sink and the rest of the kitchen also tend to get very dirty. Proper and constant cleaning of the kitchen is undoubtedly a priority, but it is also necessary to intervene on the walls, as grease stains and splashes can get there.

Grease on kitchen walls: With this solution you solve everything

When we realize that the walls of our kitchen are now full of dirt, we cannot wait any longer. We must act quickly, otherwise the grease will accumulate more and more and removal will be very difficult. In addition, the presence of dirt on the kitchen walls is certainly not harmful to the health of the inhabitants of the house. Fortunately, there are several solutions that we can use to combat the dirt on the kitchen walls and return them to their original state.

There are many chemical products on the market that facilitate this process. However, we recommend leaving this type of solution alone and instead focus on natural remedies, which are equally effective. To give just one example: Many people do not know that white vinegar is an excellent ingredient for removing grease stains from kitchen walls. In fact, white vinegar guarantees a degreasing and stain-removing effect and also provides a good scent throughout the house. How to clean the grease with this element?

Once the food is cooked – especially fried foods – take a clean cloth and dip it in white vinegar. A few vigorous rubs on the walls will be enough to remove all the dirt that has accumulated over time. For ceramic walls, a material often found in kitchens (and bathrooms, too), the mixture of water and white vinegar can work wonders. If you choose ceramic walls, you make the right choice, because this material is easy to clean and does not favor a large accumulation of dirt.

With these means you can protect them from dirt

Alternatively, you can use other means for your kitchen walls, such as waterproof self-adhesive. Aluminum foil is one of the most sought-after solutions, along with plastic film. Finally, many choose to protect their wall with a blackboard, on which you can also write down things that need to be done during the day. However, the protection of the blackboard on the wall must be ensured by very specific measures. In some specialty stores we can easily find tin paint, a material with many important properties. Particularly noteworthy is the ability to prevent the accumulation of grease on the wall.

With these simple solutions, your kitchen walls will shine again.