Every consumer should know this problem. At the beginning the new sweater, the T-Shirt or also the new bra shines in purest white. But already after a few washings the color tires. If you wash the parts together with colored pieces, the laundry can even turn yellow. But thanks to a life hack, the clothes soon shine in white again.

Washing clothes with pepper – clothes should come out of the drum gleaming white

A foodstuff is actually supposed to help with this, which has rather less to do with the color white in the classic sense. Pepper is red, brown or black, depending on the variety. Even white pepper does not correspond to the classically pure color. Nevertheless, the spice is supposed to help in cleaning yellowed clothes, towels or bed linen.

To do this, the laundry, which is actually white, must be placed in the washing machine without any differently colored pieces. After that, a teaspoon of pepper is passed directly into the drum. For example, black pepper which is ground a little coarser.

Pepper in the washing machine: Lifehack should bring salvation for yellowed laundry

The pepper is supposed to act like an abrasive in the washing machine and thus remove the dirty/other colored particles from the clothes. However, for the residue to disappear from the laundry, the pepper alone is not enough. Quite normally, consumers must fill the compartment with the appropriate detergent.

The laundry should not be washed too hot for the lifehack. 104 degrees is the upper limit; 86 degrees is even better. At the end, the laundry should be bright white again. Further tricks can help to dry the wet laundry also without dryer in the winter.

Whether the Lifehack holds, which it promises and whether the pepper affects laundry or machine disadvantageously, consumers must test themselves. Perhaps the trick can initially be considered a last resort for a yellowed sheet or similar, before the favorite sweater ends up in the pepper bath.