Ironing costs a lot of time and nerves. But if you know the right tricks, you can get your laundry smooth without an iron. Do you know this situation? In one corner the dirty laundry piles up and in the other the unloved ironing laundry. No wonder, many shy away from the unloved walk to the ironing board. But it is not necessary to iron every piece of clothing meticulously.

Iron less – thanks to these tips:

The iron is not the only thing that ensures perfectly smooth laundry. Often it is enough to wash the laundry properly and smooth the dried clothes. If you follow these tips, you will hardly waste any time at the ironing board in the future:

Don’t fill the washing machine too full: Make sure that you don’t load the washing machine too full, but rather fill it loosely. Ideally, the drum should only be half full. This prevents the worst wrinkles in the clothes.

Do not spin too high: A high spin speed also causes lots of wrinkles. If you want to do less ironing, you should set the spin speed to only 800 revolutions. That way, the laundry comes out of the machine wetter and therefore more malleable, and the wrinkles hang out on the clothesline in no time at all. In addition, a low spin speed is gentle on the textile fibers.

Hang up immediately after washing: Wrinkles in T-shirts, pants and the like can also be easily avoided by removing the laundry from the drum immediately after the wash cycle, shaking it out vigorously and hanging it up.

Use a tumble dryer: The same applies if the laundry ends up in the dryer afterwards. Again, please remove the clothes from the dryer right away, smooth them out and fold them – this almost eliminates the need for an iron.

Home remedy for smooth laundry: If your favorite shirt is badly wrinkled, this trick should help: Fill a spray bottle with a mixture of 1/4 vinegar and 3/4 warm water. Spray the mixture on the garment, hang it up and voilá – after drying, the wrinkles are gone. If you use warm water, the vinegar scent will also dissipate after a short time.