Curtains are a very important element as furnishings in our homes, as they give a more elegant look to any room. There are a variety of colors and they can be combined with objects and carpets, giving a personalized touch to the house. But there comes, as for everyone, the time to have to take them off and wash them, and sometimes it is a real drama, because after washing they are really very wrinkled and need to be ironed very carefully.

Today we reveal to you a very simple trick to be able to always have curtains looking their best, after washing and ironing them, without having to resort to using the iron before putting them back in place. You will thus eliminate forever those annoying wrinkles that form during machine washing.

These are small tricks that will save you from excessive work. In fact, it will suffice that when washing the curtains, you prefer to use a short program with a low temperature, so as to prevent them from wrinkling too much and forming creases due to the excessive heat of the water. If, on the other hand, you wash them in the bathtub, be careful not to wring them out too vigorously, to avoid creases forming in this case as well.

Also, very useful in this case is the use of citric acid as a natural fabric softener. In fact, you only need to add 5 oz of this product to 2 pints of water and put it in a bottle. Then, when you need to wash your curtains, put 3 oz of it directly into the softener tray before starting the wash. You will see that your curtains after drying will be as smooth as you have ever seen them before.

Finally, it is also very important to lay them out as soon as the washing machine has finished washing them, as you avoid unnecessary creases. Also lay them out vertically, so that the weight of the water acts as a natural ironing, and then put the clothespins in a place where you will hardly put them.