Ironing is a bit of a nightmare for everyone, if nothing else we are talking about a chore that everyone would love to avoid without having any regrets! Moreover, the matter is amplified not only when there are dizzyingly highchairs of laundry to be ironed, but also when we are talking about curtains. Since they are very large and also delicate, it would be better to directly use methods that avoid ironing! Today let’s look together at 6 simple and effective steps to follow to get them straight and wrinkle-free by saying goodbye to the iron!

Watch out for the spin cycle

When you want to avoid ironing, the spin cycle plays a very important role. In fact, if you want to say goodbye to the iron, it is important to know that you have to minimize the centrifuge turns so that you do not wring the fabric too much and have no creases. In the case of curtains, the issue is even more emphasized because too much spin runs counter to their delicacy, so it would be better to reduce it to almost nothing.

Natural fabric softeners

Another factor to consider in order to have perfect curtains and avoid ironing is to do a good wash using natural fabric softeners. This way you will be sure of the amounts you are going to put in and require the curtains without going into excess. Prepare a mixture with 5 ounces of citric acid dissolved in 1 quart of water and add 10 drops of essential oil to your liking. Put ½ cup of the product in the special tub every time you wash your curtains and laundry in general, you’ll see the results!

Vertical drying

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of methods for not ironing curtains with what to do after washing them. The Grandmothers always give good advice and among them we also find that of drying the curtains vertically: nothing more functional for our purpose! You will need to dry the excess water with towels and then place them vertically so that the water weighs down the fabric by spreading out the creases and preventing their appearance. You may find it convenient to mount them directly on the stick and let them, then, dry near the window or balcony.

In case of small creases

Although you follow all the advice to the letter, it may always happen that you see small creases. In case such a thing occurs, you do not have to worry! There is a simple little trick that will help you send them away in no time. You will simply have to fill a steamer with 3 cups of warm demineralized water and 2 teaspoons of baking soda, then spray it on the affected area, spread the crease with your hands and let it dry!

Shower steam

Another trick for any creases is shower steam! In this case all you need to do is to lay the curtain vertically in the bathroom and expose it to the shower steam. The heat will soften the fabric and the crease will be only a distant memory!

To perfume

Finally, let’s see what to do to perfume all the curtains after washing and hanging them super smooth! This is a very simple and quick trick that can be used daily to freshen up not only the curtain, but also the whole room! You will need to fill a vaporizer with demineralized water and add 1 teaspoon of baking soda and 8 drops of lavender essential oil. Spray the mixture while keeping a safe distance from the curtain so it doesn’t get too wet, and there you go!


Always consult the washing instructions before proceeding with the reported remedies.