If you want to start gardening and experience the pleasure of seeing a plant grow from seed and enjoy the fruits at the same time, today we will show you step by step how to germinate lemon seeds. The process is very simple, so even beginners can jump into something new.

How to germinate lemon seeds

To get lemon seeds to germinate, you need to follow some important steps. We start by collecting the seeds of ripe lemons. After extracting the seeds, it is recommended to wash them thoroughly with water to remove any residue of lemon juice or impurities. Once you have collected the seeds, you will need: tweezers, a vegetable substrate such as coconut fiber, earthworm humus and water. Open the top slightly before growing the seeds. Prepare a pot or container with good drainage to allow excess water to drain away. Mix equal parts coconut fiber and worm castings to create a balanced substrate. This mixture provides a nutrient-rich base that promotes healthy germination.

After moisturizing the substrate, sprinkle lemon seeds on the surface and cover the seeds with a thin layer of substrate to ensure adequate coverage and protection. Place the pot in a warm, sunny location and keep the substrate constantly moist. When the seedlings reach a suitable size, they can be transplanted into larger pots. It is important to choose a pot with good drainage so that excess water can drain properly. Also, remember to place them in a location where they will receive adequate indirect sunlight to promote healthy plant growth.

Over time, lemon shoots will develop into full-grown plants and may also produce flowers and lemons. However, you must be patient as this process can take several years. In the meantime, be sure to continue to care for your plants by watering them regularly and providing them with adequate nutrients.