How to germinate an avocado seed to have at home?

The fruit of the avocado tree, borrowed from Mexican cuisine, has peppered the taste of Americans with many recipes, including the famous guacamole and avocado burgers that make your mouth water.

It is not far from the time when the avocado tree was grown only as an indoor plant. Today, avocado “rises” high on the list of culinary wonders thanks to the content of vitamins, trace elements and minerals. Just as the combination of crispbread, fresh avocado slices, a squeeze of lemon and a pinch of salt is an invigorating breakfast idea in winter. You should also know that your skin can enjoy the benefits of avocado as an important ingredient in face masks and in natural anti-aging recipes.

Growing an avocado tree indoors is simply a matter of getting its pit to take root and germinate. It won’t bear fruit, but you’ll get a cute little houseplant for free. What do you need to know beforehand to germinate an avocado seed?

What method should you choose to germinate an avocado seed? – With or without toothpick

Convinced of its properties, you are eager to start this multi-faceted fruit. After using it for cooking or in skin care, do not throw away the pit. Wash and dry it thoroughly. How to sprout avocado seeds without a toothpick? We don’t want to say that it doesn’t work! On the contrary, this method is the most popular, but not the only one.

Steps to prepare the core for germination

The first step, of course, is to get the healthy core. Be very careful when cutting the avocado if you want it to work. Carefully pierce the skin of the fruit with a knife. Cut around the avocado and then carefully twist it to open it up. Remove the pit with a spoon – not a knife. Then rinse the flesh of the avocado from the pit.

In the second step, fill a small bowl with about two inches of warm water and place the avocado pit in it. It must be completely submerged in water. Place the bowl on a windowsill that receives a reasonable amount of sunlight. Every other day, change the water by emptying the bowl completely. Then run the avocado pit under running faucet, wash away any viscosities that may have covered it, and place it back in the water.

The stages of planting the core

After some time, the core begins to be covered with cracks. This takes about two weeks and is a sign that your seed is ready to be transplanted. Fill a container with potting soil and make a hole about two inches deep. Place the avocado seed in it with the tip facing up. Cover it with soil. Water every other day, being careful not to overload the soil. If you are overwhelmed, turn on your drip irrigation system. During this time, the pit of the avocado will “lose” its dark layer, leaving only the peanut-colored inner part, which will open and form a root in the center. The stem grows on the pointed side, which you put up.

In about four months it should be quite tall and have a good number of leaves. When it is about 12 inches tall, cut it in half (about 6 inches). You are surprised after waiting so long, but it is necessary to encourage growth. Otherwise, tall and weak, the stem will not survive long. Another month of patience and new branches will grow to your great delight. This is not the last size you need to perform. When a new branch is about 20 inches long, cut it back as well. This will provide long-term strength and fullness.

A pit of avocados you cannot quickly germinate

The first two years of the bush are the most important. By respecting the pruning moments, you can hope to have the avocado tree of your dreams. The leaves start with a rusty color and then turn to a beautiful green. You do not have to worry because the yellow color is normal. Except that you need to reduce the amount of water, let the soil dry out and you should get back on track.

In general, avocados are grown in warm temperatures. If you plant only in soil and not in potting soil in bags, you should make sure that the pH of the soil is correct. For those who fertilize with eggshells and banana peels, it probably works well, but mixing two tablespoons of coffee grounds into the soil twice a month really seems to stimulate vegetation. It is possible that you are starting from a cracked core, you are just helping with germination.

How long does it take to grow an avocado seed?

You may be wondering why your avocado seed isn’t germinating? One condition for thriving is moisture. Make sure you provide regular and adequate watering. It will take about two months before you see a plant grow from the avocado seed. If it’s been much longer and you still don’t see a plant, unfortunately, you’ll have to get rid of the avocado seed and start over.