Tips on how to grow the peace lily and keep it healthy and thriving. Here’s what you need to do to care for your Spathiphyllum. The lily, also called peace lily, is a very elegant plant. With its distinctive flowers and unique leaves, it is stunning and is usually used indoors. In fact, it does not require special care and also cleans the home environment.

This plant belongs to the Araceae family and its scientific name is Spathiphylum. In fact, it is often referred to as Spathiphyllum. It belongs to the group of evergreen plants and has a special feature. Originally from the tropical areas of America, lily has the peculiarity that the stem and leaves do not sprout from the rhizome.

However, sometimes it can happen that the large green leaves of the lily are burned, but do not worry, we have a solution to solve this problem. This way you will always have it healthy and lush. Let’s see together below how you can do just that.

Peace lily: so, you always have it healthy

As I said, the lily is not a plant that needs a lot of care, but certainly attention, yes. First of all, it is important to place the plant in a warm and humid place and avoid places where there are drafts, otherwise you risk burning your plant. Watering is also important, the soil must be moist, but do not overdo it. Another tip, if the lily has some burnt leaves, is to spray water on the leaves of the plant every day with a spray bottle. Slowly, it will surely recover, but you need to help it. To do this, you need to use fertilizer. The lily needs fertile soil and for this reason no special chemical fertilizers are needed, but you can use natural fertilizer or simple substrate, which is available in any garden or plant store, and just put it on the surface.

Therefore, it is enough to completely cover the surface soil of the vase and do this about once or twice a month. It is also important that the plant is in a pot of at least 8 quarts, so that the roots are wide and have room to grow. Then, to have a healthy plant, also remove the leaves completely burned. It therefore takes patience and little attention so that your lily is always healthy and lush. If you follow these little tips, you cannot go wrong. We can also add that the lily loves the light, but make sure that the sun’s rays do not hit it directly. It also loves warmer temperatures. And in fact, it’s ideal temperature is about 70 °F. On the other hand, they do not tolerate low temperatures, so in winter you have to be very careful not to freeze.