Imagine being able to get from a single lemon leaf, lots of fruit.

Well, that is what we are going to explain to you today. A single trick that can be easily used even by those who are not very familiar with gardening and plants, and that could allow you to get lots of lemons. Let’s see how!

Find a lemon plant

First, you need to find a lemon plant, an adult one, from which you can take leaflets. Obviously, depending on the number of plants you would like to get, you can think about using a certain number of leaves.

One tip you will find useful concerns the sorting to be done among the various leaves: rely on two essential characteristics, namely that they must be fully formed, and that they are healthy, without the presence of fungus, mold or bacteria.

To detach it from the mother plant, simply go to the base of the leaf, hold the trunk with one hand and pull away. Try to pull away part of the trunk as well. Once this is done, we immediately put the leaves in water to prevent the protective film from forming that will act as a “plug.”

Choice of container

Now let’s find a container that will do the trick; let’s fill it with water to about 1.60 inches and then submerge the leaflets. Consider that the more leaves we put in, the better chance we have of getting adult plants, since on average one in ten will take root.

Wait, at this point, for roots to appear from the petiole: always make sure the water stays in contact with it! After about forty days you can already see root growth. After another 4-5 days, the roots will continue to grow quickly.

After two months, the root system will already be well developed. At this point, we move the leaves with more roots to a pot that has a diameter of at least inches (per leaf). This will prevent water stagnation.

We fill the soil with citrus fertilizer and be careful to bury the leaves at least halfway. Next, we use a steamer to water it thoroughly and place the pot in a location where it will get plenty of light, but not direct sun.

Difference between seeds and leaves

It would be the case to note an essential difference between lemon seedlings born from seed and those born this way, from leaves. The enormous advantage of using leaves lies in the fact that when it grows the lemon plant will be able to produce excellent fruit right away, since it is a kind of clone of the mother plant. Plants born from seed will have to grow for at least two years to produce fruit!