The orchid is a very sensitive plant, it usually blooms only in the spring and summer months. However, its vegetative cycle can be altered, and it can even bloom in the winter. Here is what to do.

  1. Keep it warm, preferably at a temperature of 70-72 °F. Also pay attention to sunlight, it must always be present but not directed at the orchid.
  2. Use a fertilizer, normally in the winter months should not be fertilized, but to increase flowering, use a special fertilizer based on phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen.
  3. Watering, always avoid overdoing it, so that the soil does not rot. The best method is immersion: place the seedling in a basin filled with water for 20 minutes and then remove it.
  4. Keep it moist, about 60%. The orchid is of tropical origin and therefore accustomed to moisture. It is ideal to keep it in the bathroom.