One of the most boring and sometimes tedious household tasks is certainly ironing. Very often we wait for there to be an indefinable pile of clothes that seems to have no end. Although in some cases it is a necessary task, it is possible to take some small precautions to avoid ironing our clothes. These tricks are actually very simple, but they give you an important help to avoid ironing as much as possible! Let’s analyze the different phases to understand all the useful tips for less wrinkled and easier to “handle” clothes.

  • Washing phase
  • Low temperatures

One of the first precautions that you will find very useful concerns the temperature that we choose to wash in the washing machine. When washing at high temperatures, the garments tend to get more wrinkles and consequently we have to iron them. Of course, there are some clothes (such as underwear) that absolutely must be washed at high temperatures for hygienic reasons. But one of the secrets to not ironing clothes is to prefer lower temperatures!


The spin phase is important to remove excess water and mechanically “squeeze” our clothes. The point is that the more you squeeze our clothes, the more they wrinkle. So, if you choose the program that suits you, reduce the spin cycles. You will have less wrung out clothes, but also less wrinkles.

Importance of fabrics

Let’s not forget that it is very important to follow the washing instructions that you will find on the label to wash the clothes without damaging them. But the composition of the fabric is also very important. Prefer garments made of cotton or even jersey. In addition, especially for shirts, in some specialized stores there are “non-iron” fabrics that allow us to avoid this hated domestic matter. To avoid are garments made of polyester, which tend to wrinkle very easily , but at the same time are very difficult to remove.

When you hang your clothes at home

It may happen that it is winter, and you do not have the opportunity to hang the laundry outdoors, so we are obliged to hang the laundry at home. Nevertheless, it is not impossible to dry them as soon as possible, but some rules must be followed:

  • In this case, the centrifuge must go through a few more cycles. If your clothes are too wet in cold weather, there is a risk that they will never dry or even stink.
  • A sufficient wash cycle or a double spin cycle will allow us to dry clothes hanging at home early. The space you choose for the clothesline should not be too small.
  • It is always better to open a door so that moisture does not accumulate, which does not dry clothes and at the same time does not create a healthy environment.
  • If you have an air conditioner, the DRY function will help you!
  • For thicker clothes like sweaters or jeans, you can take an old but absorbent towel. You have to simply wrap it in the towel to absorb most of the water. This way, the clothes won’t wrinkle, and you can make them dry faster.
  • To speed up the drying process, place the clothes rack near a heater. Alternatively, you can approach a fan to simulate the wind needed to dry the clothes.

These little tips come in handy when it’s cold at your house and you can’t hang the laundry.

When they spread

We now come to the most important stage, which allows us to hang our clothes without having to iron them. Here are our tips for you!

Roll them out immediately

It seems trivial, but when the washing machine program is over, we do not leave the clothes in the drum. The problem arises because if we leave them in the washing machine for a while, they can not only have a bad smell, but at the same time “wrinkle” and have more wrinkles. So, with a little patience and organization, pull out your clothes immediately and hang them.

How to hang clothes

These methods are ancient and at the same time effective. Remember that our grandmothers literally “beat” the clothes before hanging them? Well, this gesture that brings us back to fond memories is actually a basic step to “iron” wet clothes. Then there is another problem: the sign of the clothespins! Often, not even the iron can remove these marks. But do not worry, we have the solution: arrange the clothespins in hidden places of shirts and pants. You can do this near the seams, for example in the armpits or on the side. But if your clothes allow it, just avoid using them! In addition, for some clothes like polo shirts or even shirts, it helps you a lot to spread them out after you hang them on the hangers. This way they won’t have marks and will stretch without having to iron them!

Attention. When we hang the clothes, let’s hang them upside down, it makes our job easier even if we fold them.


When the clothes are dry, take them off the clothesline and do not let them “rot” too long on the chair! This small mistake (a bit like leaving clothes in the washing machine) leads to the formation of new wrinkles. In this case, ironing is inevitable! Another little trick is to iron them with our hands when we fold them. It seems an automatic and unimportant gesture, but “caressing” the clothes helps us not to iron them later.

Vertical ironer

This device, although not known to everyone, can make all the difference when you need a dress without wrinkles at the last moment. There are all types and different price ranges. The vertical ironer is a very good alternative to the classic iron. For many, it is faster and less tiring without giving up an optimal result!

For those with a dryer

Another advice goes to those who use the dryer. This great ally at home can help reduce the ironing time of our clothes. Some have a real “anti-crease” function, or you can opt for more delicate programs.


We remind you that it is very important to read the label of our clothes to wash them correctly and without errors.