Peace Lily is one of the most loved and appreciated plants by garden lovers. It has strong leaves and periodically produces fragrant white flowers. Despite being one of the most popular plants, few people know how to properly care for a peace Lily. Although it is relatively easy to care for, there are tricks that can make sure that the leaves of the Peace Lily are always healthier and greener, and that the plant can produce flowers in abundance. If your Peace Lily has yellow leaves and does not flower, the following tips will do the trick for you.

Basic Peace Lily care is to ensure good drainage and soil, which should always be moist but without water stagnation. Place the Peace Lily in a well-lit place, but not exposed to direct sunlight. Finally, clean its leaves regularly to remove dust that might prevent proper photosynthesis. Below we suggest three tricks to recover a suffering Peace Lily, improve its appearance and activate its flowering. These are three fertilizers that are simple to prepare but have excellent results.

Rusty nail trick

This trick is to be applied if your Peace Lily’s leaves are yellowing. Pour two quarts of water into a container and dip a handful of rusty nails in it, being very careful not to cut yourself. Let the nails soak for a week, then remove them and mix the liquid with three more quarts of water. Pour it all into a sufficiently large bottle. Water your Peace Lily once a week with this solution. Bizarre as it may seem, this method is most useful in solving the problem of iron deficiency causing yellowing of the leaves.

Coffee and onion flowering trick

Mix one quart of water with 5 tablespoons of coffee grounds. In another container pour as much water and add a few onion skins. After about 24 hours, strain both solutions and mix them together. Use this liquid to water your Peace Lily every 30 days. This is one of the most effective tricks to activate flowering of the Peace Lily.

Trick to stimulate growth with milk

Mix half a quart of water with half a quart of whole milk. Water the Peace Lily once a week with this solution. This trick will give the Peace Lily all the nutrients it needs to grow faster. Remember that flowering of the Peace Lily occurs after the first 6 months of the plant’s life. The peace Lily tends to suffer from magnesium deficiency and to be attacked by fungi.