Do you want your orchids to grow lush and bloom all year round? Here is what you need to do to achieve this result and you will see that you will always have beautiful orchids and lush flowers!

Do your orchids grow small and bloom little? Do not worry, here is what you need to use to have orchids always lush and blooming throughout the year. It takes little to take care of these plants, which need an organic fertilizer to develop better and form beautiful flowers. Here you will learn how you need to do this to achieve this.

How to make a fertilizer with bulbs

It is easy to get an organic fertilizer, just use natural ingredients that you also have on hand. In fact, you do not need to buy anything special, just one onion is enough, which you certainly already have at home, and then you can use it to get an excellent natural fertilizer. Here’s how:

  • Take an onion, remove the skin and make it into small pieces;
  • Put the onion peels cut into small pieces in a jar with 1 quart of water;
  • Close the jar and put it in a cool place covered with a cloth for 24 hours to avoid light.
  • At the end of the time, take the jar, strain the contents through a sieve and pour it into a jug.

Use the solution obtained to water your orchids, placing the plant in a larger container first so that water can escape without falling out. Let the water soak for 25 minutes and then remove it from the container, as the excess water has run out. In this way, there will be no stagnation and the roots will not rot, so the plant will grow healthy to strong. In the meantime, perform another method to revive orchids, here’s what.

The method of water and milk for the leaves

One way to keep orchid leaves healthy and strong is to use water and milk. Here’s how:

  • Put two tablespoons of water in a glass;
  • Add one tablespoon of fresh milk without sugar and mix;
  • Take a makeup remover pad and wet it with the solution.
  • Squeeze the pad and gently pass it over the leaves.

In this way, the leaves will become shiny and absorb the nutrients contained in the prepared solution. The effect will be to keep them healthy and green, but the solution is also effective in keeping away insects and parasites that could attack them and cause dangerous infections.

Carefully run the disk over the top and bottom. To have more flowers in the year every 2 or 3 years, repot the plant and put it in a larger one so that the roots can develop better. With this system, you will definitely get lush and long-lasting flowers.