It’s not that you don’t like sewing! You just think it’s too complicated for you and only a professional can sew or adjust your clothes! Think again, because there are some simple tricks that will make your job easier! So, learn to sew and recycle your old clothes and stop spending your money at the designer for small things!

What is hemming?

In sewing, hemming is turning over a small hem of a garment and sewing it before the fabric frays. So, hemming is a type of finishing that gives a more aesthetic look, but it may also be necessary to shorten sleeves or pants. Please note that there are different types of hems (overlock, rolled hem, single hem, double hem, etc.) that can be sewn by hand or by machine.

How to hem jeans easily? Here you will learn what you need to do first!

Today we will show you how to hem jeans properly, keeping the original hem. To do this, you need to follow a few guidelines!

  • Before you realize that your jeans are too long, wash them at least twice. Denim tends to shrink on its own when washed!
  • After washing, put on with heels. If the length fits your shoes, no hemming is necessary.
  • If your jeans do not shrink enough when washed and last long even with heels, you will need to hem them.

There are two techniques you can choose from to do this: One is to keep the original hem while shortening the jeans (this is the one we’ll see today!), and the other is to remove the manufacturer’s hem completely.

How to hem pants by machine?

To sew denim, you need a powerful machine that can easily penetrate hard materials. You will also need denim needles that are stronger than regular needles. Also bring a ruler, white chalk or white soap, pinking shears and an iron.

Sew jeans: quick hem

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Press the hem of the jeans with an iron to make it straight.
  • Using white chalk or white soap, mark the length of fabric you want to remove.
  • Fold the fabric over so that the original hem protrudes.
  • Iron the fabric a second time.
  • Try to sew as close to the original seam as possible, making sure the seams are properly aligned.
  • Trim the edges with your scissors as close to the seams as possible.
  • Press the fabric so that the hems stay in the jeans.
  • Sew a final seam on the outside of the hem, near the existing seams.
  • Do the same with the other leg!

Simple jeans hem: how to make an invisible hem without a machine?

If you don’t have any sewing skills and have never held a sewing machine or simply don’t have one, don’t panic! We have a simple solution for you! If you use it to iron on, you will get amazing results in just a few minutes.

  • Take a pair of scissors, a 1-inch-wide strip of double-sided fusible web,
  • A few pins, an iron and you’re ready to go!
  • Make your pleat and pin it in place. Then iron the fold to mark the hem line.
  • Cut your iron-on tape to the width of your jeans and remove the protective paper.
  • Secure your band with a pin and wrap it completely around your lower leg. Be sure to fold in the hem crease, and then trim off the excess.
  • Close the hem so that the iron-on image is in the center.
  • Run the iron through, maintaining pressure for 20 to 30 seconds. Your hem should be fixed!

Like this! If you follow our simple tips and techniques that anyone can use, you will become a hemming pro! So, if it’s just a matter of shrinking your pants, don’t go to a tailor! You can do it yourself like a pro!