Ironing clothes is one of the household chores you dread the most, or your iron is broken! So, imagine if you could do it without using an iron. Thanks to a simple kitchen appliance, you could remove the small wrinkles on fabrics, so your laundry doesn’t wrinkle. So, follow the instructions for an express ironing session!

Shirt, “T-shirt”, pants: how to smooth a garment quickly and easily?

Nowadays, several alternatives to the iron are available in stores. There is power, strong steam, pressure, in short … everything you need to make a good impression on a date or a job interview. The only downside: these new cutting-edge products require precision and meticulousness, which is a real problem for some and “out of budget” for others. So, if you also don’t want to pull out all the stops to smooth out a few fabric scraps, try the following solution for a guaranteed press effect.

Clear away the table and the iron … Take out the kettle!

Don’t have an iron at home… or you just don’t want to use it? Be aware that there is a simple and quick solution that allows you to iron your clothes without having to resort to it. It’s very simple. Just take out your kettle to apply steam to your top, shirt or underwear thanks to the steam.

  • First, place your garment on a hanger and hang it near the kettle.
  • Then fill the kettle and heat the water!
  • As soon as the steam comes out, run the spout of the kettle over the small creases and all the wrinkled areas. Make sure the utensil is 12 inches away from the fabrics so as not to damage them.

Under the action of the steam, the wrinkles will begin to disappear as if by magic! Of course, this trick is more effective for slightly wrinkled clothes. If you need more steam, place the clothes on your towel warmer or directly in the shower stall while showering. Close the curtain to trap more steam and voila!

How do I change the ironing level? 3 Alternatives to relax a wrinkled garment

As you must have understood, it is possible to relax your wrinkled shirt, pants or t-shirt without using an iron. Sometimes, simple everyday items can do the trick. To learn more, discover these unusual tips! Straighten your clothes without an iron, it is possible! If you do not have time to get out the usual arsenal, just use the hair straightener. In fact, this device, which makes all women happy, is very convenient for straightening hair, but also fabrics. However, when using it, you need to take some precautions: Do not set the device to the highest temperature and protect the clothes beforehand with a towel or a thick cloth. Practical for ironing the collar and sleeves of your shirt!

Soften a garment with a pot

There is another unusual technique for ironing clothes without an iron. It involves placing a hot pan on the wrinkled fabric. How does it actually work? All you need to do is fill a pot with water and heat it to the maximum temperature. Then, take out your ironing board to place the clothes on it. Empty the pot of water before using it as an alternative to ironing. The heat will take effect immediately!

Tip as a last resort and in a dire emergency

  • Put the laundry in the dryer with a damp cloth
  • If you have a dryer at home, all the better! Although it is not the most environmentally friendly solution, this device is able to quickly and effortlessly de-wrinkle your laundry. But do you know the little technique to make the most of it? Here are the steps you need to follow:
  • On the dryer, select a drying cycle at low temperature.
  • Throw a damp cloth, such as a towel or washcloth, into the drum of the machine.
  • Allow the laundry to dry in the dryer for about fifteen minutes.
  • Once the drying cycle is complete, hang the clothes on hangers and voila!

Another similar trick: throw a few ice cubes into the drum. These will turn into steam within a few minutes.

Have you learned how to wrinkle your clothes without an iron? Once you’ve tried the kettle technique, you can use the other methods to skip the hassle of ironing and keep a neat look!