To have beautiful, lush and blooming geraniums in the spring is a delight for the eyes and the mind. To do this, we just need to add a few drops of an ingredient every evening. If you are a lover of this fantastic plant, in the following article you will find some practical advice to help it thrive optimally.

How to have lush and blooming geraniums

Geranium is a very popular plant in Italy, which can withstand drought and heat very well, besides its flowers can easily decorate and cheer up the gardens and balconies of many homes. Geraniums are grown not only for their great beauty, but also have a very characteristic aroma. They are easy to care for (suitable for novice plant care) and resistant to almost all pests and diseases. In nature there are more than 240 species of pelargoniums (in their scientific name), which in temperate climates can bloom all year round.

However, if we want them to grow healthy, we must be extremely careful during their growth period. In this way, thanks to the beautiful geranium flowers, we can make our whole exterior shine. We must know that the geranium is a plant that needs a lot of light , and it should receive several hours of direct light every day, which will certainly improve its flowering. In any case, you should avoid direct sunlight during the hottest hours of the day. In this way, it is ideal to place them in full sun or partial shade.

The best fertilizers for geraniums

Geraniums are usually grown in pots with a diameter of 11 to 15 inches. In this case, it is advisable to fertilize in the spring-summer period. In addition, the time will come when they do not need to be transplanted, since geraniums are relatively small plants. As for fertilizer, for this type of plant we can choose between a solid and a liquid fertilizer. It is ideal to start applying it in early spring, although it can be done once a month throughout the summer. Among the organic fertilizers for geraniums, you can use anything: Compost, humus, manure, just add a handful per plant and mix it with other soil.

With regard to chemical fertilizers, used for flowering geraniums , it is recommended to use both , especially specifically for geraniums. It is important to always carefully read the label of each fertilizer to know how many doses to apply. At home we have a natural fertilizer that can stimulate the growth of our plants to always have abundant and flowering geraniums and also increase the mass of leaves. The fertilizer should not be used in large quantities and for long periods of time, it is also advisable not to abuse the use of water, as it is the enemy of his well-being. An ideal fertilizer is the sugar that we all have at home. It is enough to add a spoonful of granulated sugar to each quart of settled water. All we need to do is to pour a little into the soil every two weeks to see lush foliage growth.