During the washing process, clothes can become discolored, causing them to wash out or wear out. Fortunately, it is possible to find the shade of your wardrobe with these 3 tips that adapt to all textiles. One of them can help restore the whiteness of a garment. Washing can cause a black or other colored garment to wash out and no longer be worn. Fortunately, it is possible to take care of a colored fabric that has been abraded using three techniques for soaking laundry.

Why can clothing fade?

Clothing can lose its natural color over time. Aggressive detergents can be responsible; our favorite black skinny jeans can turn gray, while a bright white t-shirt can turn yellow. To remedy this, you don’t have to trust your laundry to the dry cleaners, because you can make them shine naturally at home.

  • How do I bring color back to my faded clothes of all colors?

To find the color of your favorite sweater and make your clothes look like new, there are some impressive tricks. Among them, a technique that uses baking soda, a product that is both ecological and economical. To take care of your colored clothes, immerse them in a basin of hot water to which you have added half a cup of this white powder. Then leave to soak for 5 minutes before washing in the washing machine.

  • How can I lighten my yellowed clothes?

If your sheets or clothes start to fade or turn yellow, you can use an unstoppable cleaner: Lemon. To benefit from it, you must soak textiles and even delicate bedding in hot water to which you have added the juice of a lemon, a citrus fruit with bleaching power that can help you with many household tasks. Let it soak for a few hours before machine washing, and it will be spotless. It can also be excellent against certain stains such as sweat or grass.

  • How do I find the color of my black clothes without dyeing them?

It is possible to preserve the pigments of your clothes when washing without using dyes. This is the case of coats or a black blouse, because there is a fun trick that allows you to find the color of faded clothes without dyeing. You need to bring spinach with the cooking water. Then you just need to proceed with soaking in the latter. A trick with impressive color effects for black.

How to preserve the colors of fragile clothes?

Whether dark or light colors, there is a trick in washing to preserve the color of your pants, T-shirts and jackets without damaging them. For delicate fabrics, clothes must be washed inside out to avoid this bleaching effect of the detergent. To preserve the colors of your fragile linen, it is a good initiative to wash it by hand to preserve its material, shape and appearance, since it can discolor if you put it in a drum.

What are the other habits for a flawless laundry?

To keep your towels, t-shirts or jeans in the same color for as long as possible, it is important to remove stains while taking precautions. It is important to sort textiles by color before you put them in the washing machine. To preserve dark or light clothes, certain rules must be followed to avoid unpleasant surprises when drying. Among them, that of not mixing a white polo shirt with a black long-sleeved shirt or even a red fabric with another immaculate. It is essential to wash white or colored garments separately. Habits to adopt to protect your favorite colored basic without using dyes!