There are several effective ways to keep spiders away without eliminating them. Although they are harmless most of the time, they are considered pests. Discover 4 tips to prevent them from invading your property. To get rid of spiders in your home, you don’t have to use harsh pesticides. Discover useful and effective tips to get rid of them permanently.

4 Effective tips to keep spiders away from your home permanently

Spiders most often invade homes when it is cool. Therefore, we find them everywhere in the house and especially in the corners of every room. To get rid of it, here are 4 effective tips.

  1. Seal all potential entrances to prevent spiders from entering the house

Before you keep spiders away, you should know that they are able to enter and invade every corner of the house. Examine your interior to identify any possible entrances, such as cracks in the walls, doors or windows, and then seal them. Focus more on rooms with high humidity, as these are popular with spiders .  This could be the kitchen, bathroom or attic. Also, think about window frames. In fact, the latter, if they have gaps, can become easy entry points for spiders. To seal them, you can use silicone-based products.

  1. Make a spray with essential oils to repel spiders

To repel spiders , you don’t have to use chemical repellents because you can simply use essential oils. In fact, peppermint can effectively and permanently scare away spiders thanks to its strong smell. However, note that it is not recommended to opt for this trick if you have pets. To use this natural repellent, mix 20 drops of peppermint oil with water and pour the resulting solution into a spray bottle. Then spray the areas you previously identified as potential entrances for spiders. Also apply it to cracks and corners that could harbor spiders.

  1. Keep spiders away with citronella scented candles

Another way to effectively repel spiders is to use the repellent properties of citronella. Often used in the summer to scare away mosquitoes, it can also repel spiders. In addition, these arachnids do not support their smell as well as that of lemon and cinnamon. In this case, you can opt for candles with lemongrass aroma. The scent of the candles will drive away spiders. Also note that you can put candles on windowsills, as they are potential entry points for spiders. However, be sure to keep candles away from children and always keep an eye on them after lighting.

  1. Apply white vinegar to surfaces to deter spiders

White vinegar is known to not only effectively clean the house, but also fight insects and pests, such as spiders. Indeed, the latter are very sensitive to acetic acid, its main ingredient. To use it as a natural repellent, it is advisable to prepare a solution of equal parts of household vinegar and water and pour it into a spray bottle and then spray windows, possible entrances, the kitchen and the bathroom. With these simple and effective tips you will get rid of spiders permanently.