Washing after washing, it easily happens that you have to dry your face with old and yellowed towels. If you want to make them white and soft again, like they used to be, some home solutions are just what you need.

Old and yellowed towels

The most beautiful thing is to have a set of bright, resistant and versatile bathroom linen at home, sober but elegant at the same time, which is characterized by the fact that it goes with everything. The problem with white towels begins when the pristine white wears off due to use or a wash that is not suitable for the fabric. When this happens, the towels often turn yellowish or grayish and are no longer as soft as they once were, and their wear and tear is more noticeable.

How to bleach towels: Just one ingredient is enough

Surely you have wondered: how do hotels wash their towels every day and keep them white, in good condition and smelling good? If now the thought of throwing them away has crossed your mind, think again, there are many viable economical solutions by simply using what we have at home. Let’s look at some of them below.

Our grandmothers used it, sodium bicarbonate is never missing in the kitchen, it is a natural home remedy that has many properties. This substance can help lighten and remove stains, as well as soften our stir cloths. Its use requires that two or three tablespoons of sodium bicarbonate be poured into both the special bowl and the washing machine drum, then you can program the most suitable for the laundry. If you prefer to wash by hand, simply immerse the same amount of product in a basin, let the powder dissolve well and then immerse the items to be treated and let them soak for a while. Finally, rinse everything.

We have often talked about white vinegar in terms of its degreasing properties and its ability to eliminate bad odors. White vinegar is also ideal if you want to take advantage of its whitening properties. In addition, due to its softening property, it is able to soften especially Rough towels , which tend to scratch the skin, softer .

To apply this treatment, simply pour half a glass of white vinegar in a bowl of hot water and let the towels soak in it for a few hours. Finally, they need to be rinsed and washing can be done as usual. This natural treatment can also be used in the washing machine by pouring it into the wash tub and then starting the program as usual.

Other natural remedies for white towels

Among the natural products that we have for whitening at home, the lemon also has its place, this fragrant citrus had a place of honor in the laundry of our grandmothers, which must be bleached. When washing towels in the washing machine, mix 2 cups of water with half a cup of lemon juice, finally pour it into the detergent drawer and program the specified wash.

If you prefer a manual wash, add two cut lemons in a quart of boiling water and then soak the towels for about thirty minutes. After the period has elapsed, we proceed with a wash as usual. Eventually, the towels will be white. Lemon juice should be used only on transparent or white towels because of its very whitening effect.

Citric acid for old and yellowed towels

If you want to do without vinegar, you can resort to citric acid, which is also valued for its ability to clean the washing machine and remove lime from the inside. For this reason, it is therefore sufficient to dissolve 1/3 lb. of citric acid in 1 quart of warm water to pour about ½ cup of this solution in the detergent drawer during each wash cycle of the washing machine.