Losing your phone is always a demoralizing experience that can cause feelings of frustration. Whether your smartphone is stolen or lost, locating it is always possible. Whether it’s an IOS or Android device, you can find your phone even if it’s turned off. How? We tell you everything below!

Photos, videos, important files, our cell phones contain personal information that we value most. The first thing a thief does as soon as he picks up a cell phone is to turn it off. Fortunately, there are ways to locate your lost device even when it is turned off.

Cell phone stolen or lost: What to do?

As a precaution, always remember your IMEI “International Mobile Equipment Identity”. In fact, the IMEI is a unique identification number assigned to each smartphone. It can be used to lock the phone in case of permanent loss. To find your Android phone’s IMEI code, just select * # 06 # as you would for a phone call and press the call icon. The number will be displayed automatically. To find your iPhone’s IMEI serial number, just go to “Settings”, then “General” and click “Information”. If you lose track of your device, the first step is to dial your phone number from another mobile device. If you forget it, the person who found it can answer and send it back to you. If it is not a loss, you should change your passwords immediately. This preventive measure is essential to protect your sensitive data. Although these reflexes are important in case of loss of a smartphone , they can sometimes prove insufficient to recover it. Fortunately, thanks to technological developments, locating a phone is now within reach. Rest assured; this is possible even if the latter is turned off.

How do I find an Android phone even if it is turned off?

As for the Android system, cell phones are equipped with the “Android Device Manager” system application, which can also be referred to as “Find My Device”. This option shows the last location of your phone in case of theft or loss, regardless of whether it is turned on or off. In addition, you can remotely wipe all your data. To use it, nothing easier! On a computer, phone or tablet, access the “Find my device” page. Then log in to your Google account using your Gmail address. A list of devices connected to that account will appear. Select the device you want to locate, and you’ll see its last location displayed. You can also lock or delete data remotely.

How do I find an Apple phone?

If you lost your iPhone, you could locate and lock it remotely with an iOS feature to prevent others from using it. However, to track your smartphone, you must have previously enabled the “Find my iPhone” and “Send my last position” functions. Thus, in case of loss or theft, you can easily access iCloud, the page displays a small map that shows you the location of your device. If the phone is turned off, its location cannot be tracked in real time, but you can still get the phone’s last location. However, this information can help you find your iPhone.

In addition, if you can’t locate your phone, you can contact your phone provider and tell them your IMEI code. This way, it can locate and block the phone even if it is turned off. This will prevent you from using mobile data, receiving phone calls and sending SMS. However, for confidentiality reasons, phone operators cannot reveal detailed information to you. However, to increase the chances of finding your smartphone, you should file a report with the police station. As you must have understood, if your smartphone is lost or stolen, it is quite possible to locate it even when it is turned off. However, remember to activate the necessary functions as a precaution.