White linen becomes dull and yellowed over time; Therefore, it requires special care to maintain it. Of course, there are some tricks to make white clothes shine again. A little-used ingredient can help you clean your pretty tablecloth that got dirty during a meal or restore the whiteness of your gray curtains. Dirt or even sweat that creates yellow rings can cause your white clothes to lose their luster. Find out how to restore their shine with this simple ingredient you’re sure to find in your medicine box.

Aspirin, an ingredient to save your laundry

The aspirin tube is the most widely used medicine in the world. Developed in the late 19th century by the pharmaceutical industry and mass marketed in the early 20th century, salicylic acid has actually been used since ancient times in its natural form, found in willow bark, as evidenced by Egyptian papyri more than 4000 years. It was originally taken in the form of a decoction to combat birth pains, fever and inflammation. But aspirin has more than one trick up its sleeve and can do many things for you that you may not expect, especially for cleaning your white laundry.

  • Stain your clothes: Thanks to its ingredients, aspirin has surprising stain-removing properties. If you have stubborn stains on your clothes, especially sweat stains on T-shirts and shirts, prepare a paste with crushed aspirin and water, apply it to the stain, rub it in and let it soak. Then put your laundry in the washing machine as usual.
  • Lighten your laundry: The same goes for white laundry that has lost its luster. Soak your laundry in a basin with a solution of aspirin and hot water or add tablets directly to your laundry in the basin and run your machine. You will find the whiteness of times past and in addition, the aspirin will help remove lime from your washing machine.

What other ingredients to use to whiten laundry?

If your white clothes are machine washable, these tips should make you happy.

Baking soda: If you are an avid baker, you surely have baking soda in your kitchen cabinet. Its use is simple, just add a sachet of this ingredient to your washing powder and your laundry will regain all its whiteness.

Baking soda:

Like baking powder, baking soda prevents laundry from yellowing. Pour two tablespoons of this white powder into the detergent compartment of your machine and voila!

Soda Crystals:

This ingredient is stronger than baking soda and very effective at brightening grayed laundry. Add half a cup of soda to the drum before you turn on the machine. Soda crystals also fight against lime scale.

Sorrel Salt:

This ingredient, also called oxalic acid, is in the form of a colorless powder known to lighten linen. Two tablespoons of sorrel salt is all you need. Toss it in your detergent drawer to restore the shine to your clothes.

Know that white vinegar, bar soap, lemon or hydrogen peroxide are just as many ingredients you can use to maintain your white line. Bleach should also be banned at the risk of damaging the textile.