Which water do you use to make coffee in Mocha? Be careful not to make mistakes, they are not all the same: you ruin everything that way!

Coffee is one of the most loved and appreciated beverages ever. A cup of coffee a day is not taken away from us, maybe not even 3 or 4 let’s face it. Some people without a daily dose of caffeine just can’t resist it. Its energizing power makes this beverage one of the most consumed.

Traditionalist coffee lovers do not give up its preparation with the fateful and historic mocha. There are those who today have converted to the use of the coffee machine, and those who, on the other hand, in order to enjoy a proper coffee, believe that its preparation can only be done through the mocha. However, to make a proper coffee, the secret is obviously not only the use of the mocha. For example, did you know that even the type of water used in its preparation can change everything? And which one do you use? Perhaps you do not know that this is the best water to use in the mocha to make perfect coffee!

Coffee in mocha, which water do you use? So, you won’t go wrong

Coffee has always been an ingredient used in cooking to make tasty desserts, and of course it is the perfect aroma to enjoy one of the most beloved beverages for centuries now.

Good coffee comes from a combination of different factors with each other. It is not only about the right choice of coffee or filling the coffee filter in the right way. A fundamental rule behind the preparation of this beloved beverage is the one that concerns the choice of water to be used inside the mocha pot. We do not think about it, yet this can determine the quality of our coffee. In this regard, do you know which water to use to enjoy your perfect homemade coffee?

Enjoying good coffee is one of our daily prerogatives. For this reason, we want to prepare it at its best. Using just any water in making mocha coffee is a big mistake. Well, sparkling water is certainly not the ideal one to use in making coffee and obviously neither is tap water. The reason? It’s very simple.

These contribute to increased levels of limescale that can then harm the mocha itself and obviously can deteriorate the quality of our coffee. Not consequently making us an optimal result in terms of quality. On the other hand, water suitable for mocha coffee brewing is bottled natural mineral water. This, in fact, compared to mineral water and water flowing from our kitchen faucet, does not contain limestone and consequently, is ideal to be used for the preparation of our coffee.