To have a toilet that constantly smells good, we show you one of the many ways to get rid of bad odors with just one ingredient. Enough to have toilets that are constantly clean and fragrant. Just as it is important to rid a bathroom of possible mold, it is equally important to pay special attention to the toilet bowl. Not only does it need to be cleaned and disinfected, but it also needs to take into account all the things it might contain, especially limestone. With the recipe we present you can clean and disinfect the toilets, leaving a pleasant scent.

This single ingredient is enough to get clean and fragrant toilets

Of course, this is not about focusing only on the scents of the toilets, because in this case you have solved the problem only superficially. The main ingredient in question can also be supplemented with other elements that work together to enjoy a pleasant smell and make your toilet shine like never before. But on its own, it can work wonders.

A recipe with tangerine essential oil to deodorize, disinfect and shine the toilet

The advantage of this remedy of grandmother is the essential citrus oil of tangerine, which proves to be very effective as a natural deodorant. Its use in this recipe can surprise both for its speed and for its ability to expel stubborn odors.

To use it for this purpose, fill a large container with hot water (1 quart) and then pour in 12 drops of tangerine essential oil and 2 tablespoons of vinegar. Mix, then soak a microfiber cloth and scrub the surface and sides of the bowl. You can repeat the blow of the cloth impregnated with tangerine fragrance if you think it necessary. Finally, dry with another dry, clean cloth and finally enjoy the scent that you have indirectly spread in the room. If you want to speed up the effect of the product even more, you can use a spray bottle and spray the solution directly on the walls before wiping with a damp cloth.

Remember that you can choose the natural fragrance of your choice in terms of essential oils. Here’s a non-exhaustive list: Lavender, eucalyptus, orange tree, thyme, vanilla, clove, mint, tea tree, cinnamon, geranium. In addition to this express deodorant solution, do not forget about the stars of deodorization such as baking soda or white vinegar, which can be used at any time. Several elements of your home could benefit from their cleaning, disinfecting and deodorizing properties. They also work very well against lime. This solution is also quick to implement, which encourages you to try several tips of this type as part of your bathroom or home maintenance.

A few practical tips to keep your toilet smelling great

While it is very useful to neutralize bad odors with natural means, it is also advisable to opt for daily measures, some of which can be a simple reflex:

  • Open the window to ventilate the toilets

Fresh air is enough in most cases to let unpleasant odors escape. Remember to open the window to deodorize the room.

  • Do not neglect other toilet surfaces

It is not always enough to treat the areas that are most likely to cause bad odors. It is therefore desirable not to neglect the other surfaces of the room, such as the walls, handles or doors

  • Deodorize with toilet paper

There is also the famous scented toilet paper technique.  It consists in impregnating them with a few drops of essential oil to perfume the bathroom in a natural way.