Is there an alternative to cat litter that’s more environmentally friendly and less expensive? Discover 6 great DIY ideas!

Finding the right cat litter isn’t easy. Many conventional litter is too coarse-grained, too dusty or smells like baby powder scent, which many furry noses have a problem with. They would like to have their quiet place as natural as possible. And the best way to do that is to use natural products to fill it. From soil from your own garden to coffee grounds to old newspapers – here you’ll find great cat litter alternatives.

6 sustainable cat litter alternatives

  1. Cat litter alternative made from old newspaper

Got an unsightly bill again? Put it in the shredder and put it in the litter box! Used paper and newspapers can be a cost-effective altern3ative to cat litter. Just tear the newspaper lengthwise into long strips and then divide it crosswise into pieces. It’s sustainable, costs nothing, and you even save a trip to the paper garbage can. Plus, you can stockpile the homemade cat litter. How absorbent or odor-binding the newsprint is, however, remains questionable.

  1. Earth as cat litter alternative

If you’ve ever watched your house cat do his business outside, you’ll know: The flower bed is very popular as an outdoor cat litter box. So, it makes sense that you make your DIY cat litter out of soil. You can use the soil from your garden or buy normal potting soil. To make an alternative to cat litter, you also need some salt and sand. This will keep the soil loose and fluffy.

  1. Sand under the velvet paws

It can happen that the quadruped also times in the Buddler box disposes. Because sand is already soft on the velvet paws and is wonderfully suited to bury the droppings. It also makes a great alternative to cat litter in the DIY cat litter box, along with soil and salt and a packet of baking soda. The salt helps to bind the urine and feces odorless and absorb well.

  1. Cat litter alternative from wood pellets

You want to take it up a notch? Then wood pellets are an interesting DIY alternative for cat litter. You can even dispose of the homemade litter in the organic waste garbage can or compost. Super practical! But there is a catch: some cats no longer bury their droppings when they have wood pellets in their toilet. Also, the material quickly disintegrates when it comes into contact with cat urine.

  1. Coffee for the kitty

Let’s stick with wood and try sawdust as a cat litter alternative. They bring with their high absorbency an optimal advantage. The annoying disadvantage for us humans: they stick to the paws of the kitty and are quickly distributed throughout the apartment. To prevent odors, you should add some coffee grounds, as well as some sand and a packet of baking soda. This will keep everything fluffy, fluffy and odorless.

  1. whole wheat is fully practical

As an emergency alternative to regular cat litter, you can grind whole wheat kernels into a coarse powder. How finely you reduce it is up to you or your four-legged friend’s preference. To control unpleasant odors, you can add a little baking soda.

Is homemade cat litter healthier?

Conventional cat litter mostly consists of minerals, which create a lot of dust when cleaning the litter box. According to Cat News, this dust is suspected of causing asthma and cancer. Particularly granules, which are provided with fragrances, are to represent a health risk for the quadrupeds. Accordingly, making cat litter yourself is a healthy and environmentally friendly alternative.

Which DIY cat litter works best, you should find out together with your fur darling. Because here, too, preferences and tastes are different. Don’t change the litter completely overnight, but get your kitty used to her new litter box slowly. If you have two litter boxes, you can also first fill only one bowl with the cat litter alternative.