When you’re away from home for an extended period of time, it’s often uncomfortable to not come home to freshen up and maybe spray on perfume again. This situation is really uncomfortable because you might have sweated and give off a bad smell. Therefore, you want your perfume to last as long as possible.

However, some experts wanted to reveal a few tricks to make sure you look impeccable, but most importantly, always smell good. So, here are the 5 secrets that will make your perfume last long and not disappear at the very worst moment. Let’s take a closer look at these tricks.

Not all perfumes last the same amount of time, some last much longer on the skin than others, either because of their composition or because of the number of sprays. Nevertheless, there are 5 foolproof methods that will allow you to keep your perfume all day long, even in summer when it tends to evaporate.

  1. The first secret is to store your perfume in the fridge before spraying it on. This is because the high temperature and humidity can cause the perfume to mix with the smell of the skin. On the other hand, at a very low temperature, the original aroma is preserved longer.
  2. Another technique is to use petroleum jelly, which is lightly applied to the body before spraying on the perfume. “The jelly,” experts say, “locks in the perfume and makes it last all day, especially when applied to the neck and wrists.”
  3. Hair is also a good way to hold the scent. In fact, hair care products are often heavily scented so that they give off a good scent throughout the day. Hair is meant to lock in the scent, which is why there are so many good-smelling hair care products on the market. Experts recommend turning your head upside down and spraying an even layer of perfume on your hair, all along its length. After spraying, wait a few seconds for it to dry.
  4. Spray the perfume over a large area. If you spray the perfume only on the wrists or neck, you will neglect many areas that could absorb the perfume better. “Try spraying the perfume on other parts of the body, such as the belly button, which are areas that get less sunlight and sweat less.”
  5. Layering fragrances, i.e. using different products from deodorant to cream in such a way that a good scent remains constant.

Do you know these tricks? Which of them do you usually use?