Do you often buy pantyhose, but never resist the vagaries of everyday life? There is a trick to make them much more resistant. This will save you money and you will not have to buy new pairs very (or too) often. So, you give your tights a second life!

How to keep pantyhose longer?

  • Washing method

First of all, it is best to wash tights only by hand. If washing in the washing machine is necessary, it is worth putting the tights in an underwear bag. This will keep them from coming into contact with the rest of the laundry, drastically reducing the risk of damage.

  • Freeze your tights to make them last longer

Tights are a popular fashion accessory that can be worn any time of year. However, we use them especially in the fall and winter when the outside temperature is low. Although they are practical, a brief moment of inattention is enough for a hole to appear in them. To avoid this, before using them for the first time, it is enough to moisten them slightly with water and put them in the refrigerator for about an hour. After this time, take them out and wait for them to dry before wearing them. To maintain the resistance of the pantyhose in the long run, you can repeat this trick as many times as you wear them. This will make the nylon softer and stronger.

How to repair a hole in pantyhose without replacing them

If you have just left the house for an appointment, a job interview or a day at work and are afraid to discover a hole in your tights even though it is too late to replace them, know that there are two tips on how to fix the problem. Although nail polish and hairspray are not permanent solutions, they can quickly harden the fibers of pantyhose and keep them in place for a day or night.

  • The nail polish trick

Step 1: Remove the glue and apply transparent nail polish all around the hole and about a quarter inch from the edge.

Step 2: Wait a few minutes for the nail polish to dry and harden. The polish will seal the hole, preventing it from widening.

Step 3: Turn the pantyhose over and repeat the process on the other side. Let the varnish dry for a few minutes. Once you notice that it has hardened, you can put the tights back on.

  • The hairspray trick

Use the hairspray method if you’re in a hurry and can’t wait for the nail polish to dry.

Step 1: Take off the pantyhose and then put your hand inside to stretch the hole on your skin. Do this slowly so that the hole doesn’t tear open even more.

Step 2: Spray hairspray generously around the entire hole and around the edges until the area around the hole is saturated. Let the spray dry for a few minutes.

Step 3: Flip the tights over and repeat the process on the other side. Finally, allow to dry.