At home, shining the tiles is one of the tasks that sometimes require great physical effort. Looking for a natural solution, one mother came up with an extraordinary technique to make the tiles in her house clean and shiny.

Shiny house tiles

Cleaning can sometimes be a chore, especially when you have to clean the tiles. Fortunately, thanks to an enterprising mom who shared her method on social media, we know it’s possible to make this difficult task easier. Moreover, this trick does not require the use of chemicals.

A woman named Carey Barling has made the people of the Internet fibrillate with an incredible advice. The woman shares the problem for which she had to find a solution. And what a solution, no one could have ever imagined, but apparently it worked. The woman faced this problem when she moved into her new home and had to solve a problem: the bathroom floor was incredibly dirty. Thanks to his natural method, the tiles became shiny! In addition, the woman will certainly have gained longevity, because according to a study, cleaning the floor can prolong life!

Amazing makeup without chemicals

To make her tiles shiny, the woman prepared a curious mixture that worked wonders. According to the article published on the website of an Australian channel, the woman mixed hot water with soap, sugar and detergent before scrubbing the mixture on the floor. The magic happened after this cleaning. The floor was clean within minutes. A clever mixture to add to your list of time-saving cleaning tips! To show everyone this advice, the author shared it in a Facebook group dedicated to cleaning methods. After this post, one user commented, ” Now it’s time to clean! ”

An exclamation, expressing the enthusiasm of others for this tutorial that radically changed the tiles of this woman who had just moved into her new home. The praises were not long in coming after these explanatory photos of the efforts that delivered their results. To enlighten the circle of supporters, the savvy housewife explained that instead of a mop, she uses a brush with a handle to get the floor shiny. But the woman added with a laugh that it was actually not so nice to use your hands and knees! However, the comments were of incitement and satisfaction, in fact several users praised the housewife saying ” You should be proud, it’s beautiful “.

While another woman wrote: ” It looks like a whole different room! Finally, one commenter added:    “Look at the difference a little rubbing makes.” An advice that has generated much enthusiasm among those who follow the tricks of the house, who knows if someone will follow the example of the enterprising woman.