Dandelions in the lawn or moss between the patio slabs, these weeds are considered undesirable and often grow where we do not want them. To get rid of it, there are several natural solutions for this. Chemical herbicides may be effective, but they are still harmful to the environment. To weed between flagstones and cobblestones, here is an infallible trick that will delight gardeners.

It is pleasant to bask in a garden full of beautiful, lush plants or on a well-equipped and decorated terrace that makes you want to sunbathe. Garden enthusiasts understand this: To enjoy these beautiful moments, you need to care for and maintain your garden. For this, in addition to a green thumb, it is important to eliminate the weeds that infest the green space and give it a gray appearance, so that the plants can grow and flourish properly.

With what you have in your cupboards, you can make a natural weed killer that is free of the chemicals found in chemical weed killers that are detrimental to your health and healthy plants in the garden. Greener alternatives can thus do the same job of weeding, but in a healthier and more cost-effective way of maintaining your vegetation.

A homemade preparation to kill weeds

It’s all about turning to simple, natural and affordable ingredients to keep weeds at bay. To make your own herbicide soap, you will need:

  • 3 quarts of white vinegar
  • 1 tablespoon of dishwashing liquid
  • 1 cup salt

Mix the ingredients in a spray bottle and spray this product on the weeds every three days, preferably during the sunniest hours of the day to burn them. With this natural treatment, you can also repel mosquitoes, flies and other insects that are disturbed by the pungent smell of vinegar. You should also know that this homemade product is not radical against perennial weeds like quack grass the first time. Its effect will become noticeable over the course of days and will significantly reduce the growth of these plants. Without harming the environment, you will gradually get rid of them, and you will no longer see them invading your green spaces or damaging your other plants and lawn.

More tips for natural weeding of your garden and patio

  • Coarse salt

Coarse salt alone can be a great help in controlling weeds, the weeds that take root between the slabs of your patio. So just sprinkle it on unwanted plants to get rid of them. Fine salt can also help accomplish the task of organic, efficient and economical weed control and bring joy to a budding gardener. After a few days, these unwanted plants are killed by desiccation. When the salt penetrates the soil, it sterilizes it and prevents the regrowth of plants. Therefore, it is important to use it only on the slabs and not on the green areas of the garden.

  • The vinegar

Vinegar alone or in combination with other ingredients is a perfect natural herbicide that contains acetic acid. It is recommended to use it only on slabs and paving stones, because this natural and ecological product does not differentiate between weeds and other plants. Pour it into a spray bottle and simply spray it on unwanted plants, preferably when the sun’s rays kiss your garden. Avoid rainy days, however, as the rain may wash away the vinegar before it can do its incredible work.

  • Meal with cereals

This flour is considered a preventative against weeds and prevents seeds from germinating. Sprinkle it on the stone slabs overgrown with weeds; At the same time, it will prevent these bad plants from growing again in these places.

  • Baking soda

Like cornstarch, baking soda helps control weeds. This white, biodegradable powder dissolves in cracks and works its magic on the soil. After a few days, those unwanted plants will be just a bad memory.

  • The boiling water

As an economic and ecological method, boiling water is considered particularly effective for weed control. An hour after applying it to the areas to be treated, they lose their vitality and dry up. Thus, the next day it is easier to simply remove them with a broom. In addition, the vegetable cooking water also allows you to cope with this particularly tedious task. Simply collect the filtered plant water and pour it over the weeds. The water from cooked pasta, like that from vegetables, acts as a natural weed killer. By pouring this water on the gravel or patio slabs, you say goodbye to all the harmful plants. Finally, another method is to use the cooking water of potatoes, which acts in the same way and fights weeds.

  • The weed burner

This method, considered practical and effective, is a thermal weed control that allows to heat the water contained in the cells of the plants to make them burn and char. This technique also eliminates moss, insects and fungi. However, avoid using this thermal weeder on poison ivy or other toxic plants because of the risk of inhaling the toxic oils released.

  • The newspaper

As unusual as it is, the diary method seems devilishly effective. Wet the floor first and then place a thick layer of newspaper over it. Also wet the soil thoroughly before covering it with mulch. Not only is this trick a great way to recycle, but it also helps to smother weeds and prevent their re-growth. Mulch cover can also protect your plantings from weeds. Plastic is also another way to protect your vegetable garden from spreading.

  • Foliage cover

Weed infested areas can be covered with mulch planting to prevent weeds from coming in contact with the soil. Another function of mulch is to prevent seeds from getting sunlight below ground and germinating.

  • Manual weeding

This is an age-old method of weeding and removing weeds with your hands. Before proceeding with this typical garden weeding method, special gloves should be worn for this purpose. To complete this task by the book, you can arm yourself with a claw or a sharp trowel to loosen the weeds from their roots. In this way, you are sure that they will not return so quickly. You can also use the technique of mechanical herbicide, which allows you to remove weeds from the roots without fatigue and back.

  • Basil essential oil

It has the advantage of having a weed-killing and fungicidal effect to eliminate weeds. Add a few drops of this essential oil to homemade herbicide soap and spray this solution on your garden path or patio. It is an infallible treatment that will rid your outdoor area of these pesky plants every day.