Watermelon the most popular and juicy summer treat! But sometimes it is so difficult to choose a very ripe and delicious fruit. Today we will share with you the secret of how to choose the ripest and sweetest watermelon! You do not wonder in the store or in the market!

How to choose a watermelon?

  1. By size

You have to be careful with the huge watermelons. Unfortunately, the climate is not so favorable for growing huge fruits. Therefore, there is a high probability that these watermelons are fed with chemical fertilizers.

  1. In the yellow spots

This feature is a sure sign of ripe fruit. The more yellow coloration you have, the more delicious and sweeter is the watermelon you choose.

  1. By gender

Few people know it, but watermelons can be distinguished by gender. “Males” are larger and more elongated, while “females” – smaller and somewhat flattened. “Females” are definitely cuter!

  1. By the sound

Ripe fruits are often hollow when called. To check the ripeness of watermelon, it must be squeezed from both sides. If the fruit is gently “washed”, then it is ripe and ready to eat.

  1. Skin texture

Observing the skin texture is a final way to confirm full ripeness. Before watermelon is ripe, the skin has a smooth texture and can be penetrated with little force with the thumb. However, as the skin ripens, it becomes harder and cannot be penetrated with gentle pressure. The skin also becomes rougher and less even to the touch.

  1. A fragrance

The skin of the watermelon should give off a certain fresh scent. If it does not smell at all, it means that the watermelon is probably not naturally grown.

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