If life is a daily struggle, then your interior must be the temple where you regenerate your strength. It should give you the mood you need to relieve the stress of the day. Maintaining your well-being at home starts with a house whose decoration looks like you and whose smell soothes you. So, at home, plant a lemon in a cup to scent and decorate your space. Sometimes, when you go to a hotel, you perceive a fragrance that calms you. You manage to sleep peacefully, and this pleasant feeling will always be associated with the memory of the days you spent there. Now you do not have to travel, you can make your interior a real daily trip. 

The benefits of the smell of lemon 

Rhythmic electrical activities of the brain are classified according to their frequency. Among them are the theta frequencies, which denote certain states of drowsiness, hypnosis and meditation. They also characterize remembering information and paradoxical sleep. The smell of lemon stimulates the activity of theta frequencies. In other words, this scent will help you feel relaxed and calm. It will improve your concentration, memory and sleep quality. The smell of lemon also stabilizes your mood and emotions. To benefit from the pleasant smell of lemon and its benefits, it is also possible to plant its seeds in a cup.  

How to plant a lemon in a cup 

What you need: 

  • The seeds of a lemon of biological origin
  • Potting soil
  • A flowerpot or a cup
  • Small pebbles
  • A pair of tweezers
  • Some water
  • Paper towel

To proceed, simply follow these steps: 

  • Gather the lemon seeds and soak them in water for an hour. This will make it easier to remove the lemon flesh that can coat the seeds. 
  • Place the seeds in the paper towel to dry and then carefully remove the flesh around them with the tweezers. 
  • Soak the seeds in water again for two days until the seeds begin to germinate. 
  • Fill your container (cup or flowerpot) halfway with potting soil. Take the germinated seeds of the lemon and gently squeeze them. 
  • If you want to make your planting a decorative object, you can cover small pebbles. 
  • Place your cup or pot in a sunny place and water it when the soil is dry in summer. In winter, watering should be less frequent. 

  How to feel comfortable at home? 

  • Green plants: This suits you even better if you are a nature and outdoor fan. Install green plants in your living room, this will give your interior a natural touch and help purify the air circulating in your home. 
  • Go beyond the different styles: your interior must have a certain visual coherence. Such a variety of styles: Baroque, Bohemian, Scandinavian … you will give the impression of suffocating. 
  • Adopt an elegant style for your bedroom: Avoid cluttering your room with decorations, clear your space to allow air to circulate and sleep better. 
  • Change your bedding and pillows once a week to ensure a comfortable bed. Adopt cotton in the winter and linen in the summer for its absorbency. 
  • Change the dark curtains that give the interior glass a gloomy atmosphere. Instead, opt for curtains that let light in to illuminate your interior. 
  • Prefer soft colors like blues and pastels for your bedroom and light colors for your living room to give an illusion of space.