You can never have enough of the sun. But quickly suffer the hair under it and break off. Pretty frustrating! Luckily, there are tricks you can use to treat and prevent hair breakage – and still enjoy the summer.

Do you suffer from hair breakage? You can tell by the small white dots in your hair, which can appear at the ends and also in the lengths. If these spots look familiar, especially in summer, this is the reason: UV rays destroy keratin proteins in the hair – split ends and hair breakage are the result. We tell you what you can do about it.

Beauty hacks: This helps against hair breakage in summer

  1. Wash out chlorine and salt water

After bathing, wash your hair briefly with clear water, because chlorine or salt water are predestined to attack and dry out your mane. Attention. Never brush your unwashed hair after swimming. Because they are often somewhat stuck together, so that when brushing carelessly, the hair breaks off in an instant. Better: After the hair has been washed out, comb it out gently with a coarse-toothed comb.

  1. Stay in the shade

Bad news for all sun worshippers. Give your hair a breather and find a shady spot to lounge more often. Because if your hair is permanently exposed to UV rays, hair breakage is inevitable. By the way, a hat is your best companion in summer and not only protects your hair from breaking off – but also your face from premature skin aging. Bingo!

  1. The right care

Certain beauty aids, such as sun protection sprays, can also protect your hair from UV radiation and thus prevent hair breakage. Do you have colored hair? Then use Color Protection Sprays or Serums, which additionally protect the hair from fading. Make sure that the products are waterproof, then nothing stands in the way of bathing fun. And to repair the hair fibers profoundly, use an after-sun hair mask, which gives your hair back the necessary portion of moisture after a long visit to the pool.

  1. The right nutrition

A balanced diet strengthens the hair from the inside. The magic word here is vitamins! Because they are not only important for your immune system, but also for your hair. Here you can find out which vitamins and trace elements you should take for strong hair and in which foods you can find them in abundance: Vitamins for hair.