How to prevent clothes from smelling bad after washing?…

Have you ever taken your clothes out of the washing machine and smelled something you really don’t like? Learn how to prevent your clothes from smelling bad after washing. Often people think that drying clothes will make the bad smells go away, but they stick to the clothes and then you have to wash them again to get rid of them! There are many reasons for this, from moisture to too much detergent to temperature!

Do not overload

The first rule to not have clothes that smell bad after washing is to never overload them! Although there are so many things to do in a day and we think that washing many clothes at once is the best way to save time, in reality we only slow down the cleaning of clothes because we have to repeat the wash cycle afterwards. To avoid this problem, program your washing machine at times that suit you best and put only a few pieces of laundry in it so that the detergent is evenly distributed.

Add the right amount of detergent

The second step is to add the right amount of detergent! How many times have you put in too much detergent thinking your clothes would smell better or be cleaner? If you put too much detergent on your clothes, the detergent that is not dissolved in the water will seep into the fibers of the clothes and the clothes will smell bad. Don’t put too much detergent or you won’t get the right amount to keep your clothes clean and smelling good! You can also make a natural and environmentally friendly detergent for the washing machine!


Another important thing you should know when washing is undoubtedly the temperature. Although underwear and other special clothes must be washed at very high temperatures, otherwise they will not be completely clean, it would be better to wash the other clothes at low temperatures! Although it is always very important to read the instructions on the washing labels of clothes, try never to exceed a temperature of about 100 °F. Low temperatures encourage clothes to smell!

No short washes

Another habit adopted to speed up various processes is short washes. Short washes are not effective especially for certain clothes. So do not wash short at high temperatures, but long at good temperatures to avoid damaging your clothes.

Use of baking soda

Using baking soda is one of grandma’s tricks for hand and machine washing! Baking soda helps to retain bad odors and reduce the damp smell that may be present on your clothes after washing. To use it in the washing machine, add a spoonful of baking soda directly to the drum and start the wash cycle. Then use the same amount when washing by hand!

Extend immediately

Another bad habit, especially for people who are always cold, is not hanging the laundry right away! Modern washing machines allow you to program the times when you want to start washing. So, it would be better to choose this method to be able to wash the clothes. If possible, hang the laundry in the morning or when the weather is nice.

Cleaning the washing machine

Finally, you should clean your washing machine thoroughly at least once a month! What you need to do is check the different elements: Gasket, detergent tank, drum, hose and rarely the filter. Clean all the parts yourself by unplugging the washing machine first and then washing it empty.


Remember to always read the labels on the clothes before you start washing.