Do you lose an item of clothing every time you run the dryer because it shrinks? Here’s what you need to do to make sure it doesn’t happen again. The secret you need.

The washing machine is considered one of the appliances that cannot miss at home, but the dryer also occupies this place. In fact, today more and more people are choosing to buy it to make their lives easier among the many obligations they have.

In fact, the dryer offers great help in drying clothes. Once your laundry is ready, you do not have to hang it in the air, and you do not have to allow a sudden rain to ruin all your laundry. With it, drying clothes becomes quite easy and even just 30 minutes is enough.

In fact, the strength of the dryer lies precisely in the reduction of drying times and the fact that it can be activated at any time of the day. The more modern ones are also able to calculate the drying times themselves based on the weight and type of laundry, thus working completely autonomously.

But surely it has happened to you that you shrink a garment inside and lose it. Now let’s see how you can avoid this problem, because there is a method that will ensure that your laundry does not undergo any changes in the dryer. Here is what we are talking about.

Dryer: the trick to avoid shrinkage of clothes

As mentioned above, the dryer is an increasingly indispensable household appliance and increasingly present in Italian households. However, it can often lead to shrinkage of some clothes and we may be left without a valuable garment, perhaps even paid a lot. Taking into account the cost of the dryer, a compromise must be found.

In fact, the cost of a dryer cycle is much higher compared to the washing machine. Therefore, it is necessary to understand how to save money, and with this remedy you can not only prevent the clothes become smaller, but also save on the bill.

The main reason that clothes shrink in the dryer is often a mistake in the drying cycle. In fact, due to distraction, you may not pay attention to the label of the clothes and use a drying program that may be inappropriate for some clothes. So, you have to be very careful.

But they can come to the rescue, the balls of wool. What are they? The wool balls are specially designed for this purpose and easy to find on the market. You can buy them anywhere and with them you save bills and above all avoid restricting your clothes.

Just put about three balls per 3 lb. of laundry in the dryer and you have solved the problem. They are the right solution because they allow you to stretch the fabrics, which makes drying easier. Also, you only have to buy them once, as they are reusable, and you can use them again by simply letting them air dry to remove moisture.