Cleaning your PC or MAC is a key task if you want to extend the life of your computer. But we’re not just talking about removing dirt from the screen. There is an essential element on your computer that you surely don’t pay enough attention to. Do you know that there is a very simple way to remove dirt and dust from keyboard keys? Cleaning computer keyboards is usually the big forgetting in many homes and offices. Even though the keyboard is the part of the computer we use the most, many people neglect to clean it and end up collecting dirt between the keys. Fortunately, there is an effective and easy-to-use solution.

How do I clean the computer keyboard?

Before you apply these tips, disconnect your keyboard from your computer. If it’s a wireless keyboard, turn it off. If it is a laptop, turn off the computer directly.

  1. First remove all the keys, do it carefully to remove them easily. You can do this with a knife or your fingernail. Don’t worry, you can put them back after such disassembly.
  2. Then prepare a bowl of clean water.
  3. Add some dishwashing liquid and stir until it is completely dissolved.
  4. Throw all the disassembled keys into it and wash them gently by hand in the bowl.
  5. Then spread a layer of paper or towel on the work surface and place it on top to dry.
  6. Meanwhile, use a slightly damp cotton swab to clean the base of the keyboard.
  7. To find a clean keyboard, all you have to do is put the keys back.

More tips to clean your computer keyboard

  • Cotton swab: a great way to disinfect. Dip the stick in alcohol and wipe the keys and gaps.
  • Antibacterial wipes: very convenient to use, but not as precise as cotton swabs. However, it is recommended to have them handy and even wipe the laptop keyboard with them.

What other measures should you take to better maintain your computer?

Cleaning your laptop keyboard regularly is very important. This will help you avoid getting dirt and dust on your hands. Clean the keyboard once a week, wipe it, it is easy and effective. Before and after using your laptop, it is important to wash your hands thoroughly to avoid getting it dirty. In addition to regular maintenance of the keyboard and mouse of your computer, you should not forget to clean the screen. This item gets dirty pretty quickly. It should be remembered that LCD screens are very delicate, so their maintenance should be done carefully. It is best to use soft materials such as a microfiber cloth for cleaning. It will not scratch the screen or leave fibers, while dust is effectively removed. Also, the use of preparations containing ammonia, ethyl alcohol or acetone is not recommended!