To protect plants from dangerous fungal diseases, you can rely on a very effective solution.

With the return of sunny days increases the desire to enrich your home and even the garden with magnificent plants, which can add brightness and color to the various environments. In addition, growing plants also means being able to enjoy their fruits: Think, for example, tomato plants, but also cucumbers, zucchini, eggplant and much more. But as anyone who knows about the matter knows, plants must always be treated with the utmost care, so that they grow healthy and strong. Plant diseases, unfortunately, always threaten, but fortunately there are effective solutions that allow us to protect our green friends.

Plant diseases how to avoid them with this remedy: A few steps are enough

The summer period, the time when temperatures easily reach high degrees, allows plants to better defend themselves against some diseases.

For example, downy mildew, a fairly common plant disease, does not develop at these temperatures. However, with the return of rain, the situation changes completely, as the air temperature drops, and humidity prevails. These are exactly the ideal conditions for the development of fungal diseases on plants. Downy mildew mainly affects tomato plants and vines, but the disease can affect all plants. What can we do to protect our plants and prevent them from getting sick?

The best solution is to spray some biological preparations on the plants to ensure effective protection against fungal diseases. To give just one example: One of the products most commonly used to protect plants is copper sulfate, which is excellent for protecting vines, vegetables and fruits. Copper sulfate has been used since ancient times and is an excellent fungicide and bactericide. Since it is a chemical product, it is recommended to spray copper sulfate on the plants when temperatures are not very high. Otherwise, there is a risk that the heat will worsen rather than improve the situation. Therefore, copper sulfate can be applied in autumn and winter. Tomato plants should be sprayed with copper sulfate about a few weeks before the fruit ripens.

Baking soda and milk also provide excellent protection for our plants

Other elements that we can use to protect our plants from fungal diseases are baking soda and milk. During the ripening of the fruit, the use of chemical products is obviously strongly discouraged, while bicarbonate and milk can be used without hesitation. Although these are less “effective” solutions than copper sulfate, their protective effect on plants is still satisfactory. The ideal is to spray the solution labeled bicarbonate or milk at least once a week. The fruits in this case can also be collected and consumed immediately after spraying. Soon we will see that our plants grow vigorously and healthy, without the risk of fungal diseases.