If you have ever stayed in a hotel, you probably noticed how stylish and comfortable the beds are. In fact, we all like to bask in a cozy bed amid clean sheets to feel that feeling of softness that comforts us so much. Despite everything and overuses, we have to change the comforter cover regularly. A mission that can be exhausting and tedious. Fortunately, there is a trick that will save you a lot of time by simplifying this task! You no longer need an extra pair of hands to change your comforter cover. This clever technique allows you to do it in less than 5 minutes without asking for help.

The trick to put on a comforter cover in less than 3 minutes

Burrito, no, we are not referring here to the famous Mexican dish, but to the name of the method by which you can quickly change your comforter cover. To do this, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Turn your cover inside out

First, turn your comforter cover inside out, seams out, and open it at the foot of the bed.

Step 2: Respect the layering

Lay the comforter over the cover, making sure the edges and corners overlap.

Step 3: Create a “burrito”.

Roll up the cover and comforter at the same time from the headboard to the foot of the bed, as if you were making a “burrito”.

Step 4: Place the cover on the comforter

Open the cover and slide your arm inside. Then grab the corner of the quilt with the same hand. Then put it on and flip it over so that the whole sausage, namely the burrito, is inside.

Step 5: Unroll and enjoy!

Unroll the quilt from the foot end to the head end of the bed, then align the corners. Your comforter is now properly tucked into its cover.

What is the purpose of a comforter cover?

If you doubt this, know that comforter covers are as practical as they are aesthetic. In fact, they allow the cleanliness of the comforter by protecting it from dead skin and sweat, among other things. From then on, they can be removed and cleaned regularly, so you do not have to wash your comforter regularly. Just like sheets, comforter covers can be easily washed in the washing machine and dried in the dryer, remember to follow the cleaning instructions on the label beforehand.

How often should a comforter cover be washed?

While comforters should be cleaned every two to three months, bedding , which includes sheets, pillowcases and comforter covers, should be washed once a week in summer and every two weeks in winter . Now you know that a comforter cover is essential for household laundry, and thanks to the “burrito” trick, you can put it on whenever you want.