Even though they might seem cute, no one wants mice in the house. Discover here how to fight these pests.

Even though these small rodents might seem cute at first glance, they can become a real nuisance. Not only the damage they cause but also the diseases they can transmit can become a real burden. Discover here how to fight these pests.

Mice reproduce quickly and can cause costly damage, for example by chewing on electrical cables. However, mice should not be killed but rather chased away using natural deterrent methods. Here’s what to do if you suspect mice in your home or garden, and how to fight these pests.

Fighting pests: How to get rid of rodents

According to the German animal protection organization PETA, poison baits for mice are not only cruel but also ineffective. The rodents suffer a slow and painful death by bleeding internally.

“These deadly methods never keep rodents away in the long run and can even have the opposite effect, as by killing the animals, the surviving individuals have more space and food available. Free territories are quickly reoccupied, and losses in the population are compensated by increased reproduction.”

Instead of using poisoned baits, you should rather chase mice away with the following methods:

Install a live trap for mice

Installing a snap or snap trap means immediate death for the mouse. Therefore, opt for a live trap instead and attract the mice with a little peanut butter. Regularly check the trap, as mice are very sensitive to stress and could die after a few hours due to stress or potential dehydration. When you have captured a mouse with the trap, cover it with a cloth – to avoid stress for the animal – and release it at least 500 meters away from your home. This way, it will never find its way back to your house.

Block uncertain places in the house against mice

To prevent mice from entering your living spaces, start by identifying cracks or holes in the walls that could serve as entry points for mice. Therefore, regularly check all exterior walls, door cracks, cable channels, and non-sealed and open windows. Don’t just look for mouse traces in the garden or in the house, but plug or seal all possible gaps with silicone or mortar.

Protect food

Mice in the house are attracted to potential food sources. Therefore, it is important to make food inaccessible to them. Additionally, you must close all possible mouse entries to prevent them from entering the house. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Quickly clean up crumbs
  • Put a lid on trash cans
  • Do not leave food uncovered
  • Store provisions in lockable glass or metal containers
  • Regularly empty and clean pet bowls
  • Seal cracks and possible passages with silicone or mortar
  • Chase away mice with ultrasonics

There are many different devices designed to chase away mice using ultrasonic waves. According to the manufacturers, the waves disturb the rodents so much that they avoid your home in the future. The same principle applies to other pests, such as cockroaches, flies, ants, and other insects. However, mice can get used to the noise and often return to the house once the noise source is turned off.

Fighting pests and chasing them away with home remedies

The following home remedies are also supposed to help chase away mice. Their effectiveness is debated, but they are still worth trying.

Peppermint oil

Take a cotton cloth, soak it in peppermint oil, and then insert it into the hole where you suspect mice are present. The smell should scare them away.


Vinegar is also a popular remedy for fighting pests. Mix vinegar with water in a ratio of 1:10 and clean the floor of your house or basement with it.

Cat litter

Cats are probably the most natural way to deter mice. Often, the smell of domestic cats alone is enough to scare away mice. As prey, mice prefer to avoid cat territories. You can exploit this behavior by filling a cloth bag with used cat litter. Place the bag near mouse paths and holes.

Cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper is not only a popular seasoning to spice up different dishes – it is also supposed to chase away mice. Sprinkle the pepper where you have discovered mouse traces or where you suspect their presence.

Other useful foods in case of a mouse infestation

Other foods are also supposed to deter mice. These include the smell of fresh mint, chamomile, oleander, peppers, and cloves.

So, there are different ways to get rid of mice non-harmfully. However, if live traps and home remedies do not work, then the only option left is to call an exterminator to chase away the mice.