Remember that pleasant smell that wafted through the interior of your brand-new car? How much fun it was to drive it back then. Unfortunately, today that’s just an old memory. Over time and through use, the interior of your vehicle gives way to particularly insensitive odors. Just opening the door sometimes makes you feel like you’re suffocating, it’s that unpleasant. However, for any motorist, driving in a clean, fresh and fragrant car is a thousand times more comfortable. However, it is difficult to escape the unpleasant smells: Dust, stains, dirt, food residues, cold tobacco, so many elements disturb the environment. But not for very long.

Applying a classic air freshener while the cabin already smells bad, will not really have the desired effect. A spray will only cover the musty smell and may even cause a more unpleasant odor mixture. And rolling down the windows won’t be enough to get rid of it easily. To completely neutralize them, the means that we will offer you will be very effective. However, to prevent this problem from repeating itself constantly, it would be wiser to banish certain inappropriate habits. From a hygienic point of view, we advise you in particular to follow these two golden rules: do not smoke in the car and do not eat (or drink). It’s no secret that all kinds of dirt must be kept away if you want your car to stay clean and fresh. Also, remember to clean the interior regularly: from the upholstery to the dashboard, including the interior door panels, the carpets, the glove box, the air conditioning ducts and even the trunk. A frequency of three times a year is recommended for a thorough cleaning.

How do you refresh the interior of your car?

  1. With baking soda

Tired of spending a hell of a budget on industrial air fresheners? Quick question: have you considered baking soda? Why yes, the very one you use regularly to clean various surfaces at home! It may surprise you, but this white powder is quite capable of neutralizing bad odors in your car. As a bonus, this ingredient is environmentally friendly and not expensive at all!

The best way to use it in your car is to mix it in equal parts with lukewarm water. Pour everything into a spray bottle and spray the various elements of the interior: the carpets, the roof, the door panels and all the seats of the car once you have cleaned it. Very quickly you will notice that this homemade air freshener has eliminated all unpleasant odors.

Note: Before applying the natron and for optimal effect, please first ventilate the car well and clean the interior from top to bottom.

  1. With fabric softener

Another trick you may not have thought of is using fabric softener. While it softens your laundry and leaves it with a delicately scented haze, it is also quite capable of completely freshening your car. To keep it smelling good for longer, mix a small dose of the product with hot water, soak a clean cloth with this solution and rub it all over the upholstery, not to mention the headrests. You will feel an almost immediate change!

  1. With coffee grounds

Do you have a bad habit of smoking in your vehicle? Remember that the ashtray is one of the dirtiest corners and the one that creates the most persistent smell in the passenger compartment. And this is even if you empty it regularly. To get rid of the unbearable smell of cold tobacco, one of the most effective tricks is to fill the ashtray with (dry) coffee grounds. You may not know it, but it is a very powerful natural air freshener that will help you completely banish the smell that stinks in your car.

Attention: If the smell is very persistent, you can also sprinkle some coffee grounds on the floor and leave it overnight. The next day, use a vacuum cleaner to remove all the residue. The tobacco smell is gone!

  1. With white vinegar

Finally, for those who don’t mind the sour smell of this natural ingredient, the vapors of white vinegar will permanently eliminate bad odors. Simply leave a bowl in the car overnight and the next morning find that the interior is perfectly cleaned of all unpleasant fumes. Remove the bowl and ventilate the car well before leaving.

Caution: Place the bowl on a very flat surface to prevent it from tipping over. Vinegar can damage leather seats.