Removing stains from the floor is possible, and most importantly, without spending money. Here is what you need to use to make it clean.

It is possible to have a clean and spotless floor without using special chemicals, which are often expensive as well. Stains that are not properly removed can ruin the floor and make it look dirty. But removing them is not so difficult and you can do it with a natural product.

We’ll look at this product below, but you almost certainly already have it at home and don’t need to buy it. It is actually used every day in the kitchen. Using natural cleaning products is something that few people do, but it actually has many benefits, including saving money, helping the planet by avoiding buying plastic, and then preserving your floors. With just two products you clean the floors of your home. But not only because this solution that we will create can also be used on other surfaces. Below we will see what is needed and how it can be achieved. All the details in the next paragraph.

Remove stains from the floor with this ingredient

As we have already said, removing stains from the floor is easy if you use the right products. Just open the pantry and you will find exactly the products you need. These are not aggressive and work great. Let’s see what ingredient we’re talking about.

We are talking about salt. This is a powerful natural home remedy. Its uses are many and go beyond its use in cooking. Salt is great for dehumidifying and fighting mold. It eliminates bad odors, but mainly acts on stains, eliminating them. Salt is perfect for floors because it absorbs any liquid and, as we said, removes the most stubborn stains. But how to use it? It is very simple, and you can also start with us to prepare this floor solution. What you need, in fact, you have at home.

Grab a bucket and get started. Pour in a tablespoon of fine salt and then 3 tablespoons of dishwashing liquid. Now add the hot water and mix well to dissolve the salt. Now you can wash the floors and you will see that they are very clean. To remove all the detergent residues, you can make a second pass with water only if necessary.

You just have to try this method, because you already have everything at home, and you don’t have to buy anything. You will see that you get a very clean floor, and you also saved by not buying a special chemical soap. But then, as I said, it can be useful not only for floors. In fact, this solution can also be used to clean surfaces such as the table, the kitchen area and even the windowsill. Also try it as soon as possible!