When food burns or someone smokes in a room, one thing above all else happens: it stinks. Unfortunately, the smell of smoke often persists. And not only there, also the textiles such as carpet, curtains or clothes are infested with the unwanted smell. With certain home remedies you remove smoke odor from the apartment and provide fresh air.

The best way to provide fresh air in a room and remove smoke odor from the apartment is, of course, proper ventilation. The most efficient way is cross-ventilation, i.e. opening opposite windows at the same time, if possible, so that there is a draught. However, the smell of nicotine stubbornly clings to walls, furniture, upholstery and clothing. It is not for nothing that smokers’ apartments are feared by landlords or new tenants.

The smell of smoke from burnt food is also penetrating and only disappears slowly. So that fresh air blows around your nose again, we have collected the best home remedies for you, with which you can quickly and easily remove smoke odor from the apartment.

Lemons against smoke smell

The lemon is a real miracle cure. Not only does it taste good, but it also helps with other aspects of the household. These include things like descaling kettles and cleaning. And of course, lemon also smells very refreshing. This makes it an ideal weapon against smoke odor in the home.

Buy yourself two to three lemons and cut them into slices. Put the pieces in a bowl and pour hot water over the lemons. After that, you just need to put the bowl in the smoky room and the miracle weapon can do its job.

Remove nicotine smell from the apartment with coffee

Similar to lemon, you can also use coffee to remove odors from a room well. To do this, you need to put three to four tablespoons of ground coffee in a bowl and pour hot water on it. Coffee powder is also an ideal way to prevent odors from the vacuum cleaner.

Fight smoke odor with vinegar

Vinegar smells very strong itself, but at the same time it is very effective as a home remedy to remove smoke odor. Add about eight drops of vinegar to a saucepan with ½ pint of water and bring to a boil. It is best to leave the pot or bowl in the affected room for several days so that the vinegar can bind all odors.

Preventive measures against smoke odor

Ultimately, of course, the best way to remove smoke odors from your home is to not smoke in an enclosed space in the first place. If this cannot be avoided, smoking should only be done directly at an open window. Afterwards, the room must be thoroughly ventilated. Important: Do not tilt windows, but ventilate several times a day.

It also makes sense to use a closable container as an ashtray or to put the ashtray outside on the window sill immediately after smoking. The smell of nicotine from an ashtray full of cigarettes is particularly penetrating. If it stands in a room for a long time, the stench of smoke can quickly create residue and settle in the apartment. By the way, if a room has been smoked a lot and for a long time, vinegar is also very effective. Because then you can also mix vinegar into a cleaning agent and use it to clean washable surfaces.

Use odor remover

It’s not a typical home remedy, but it’s worth buying spray odor remover around the affected apartment, and the smell of smoke should subside. This method works most efficiently if you spray it on textiles such as upholstery or curtains, as most of the odor gets trapped in these. However, check beforehand whether the fabrics can tolerate the spray.