Over time, the toilet seat often shows yellow discoloration. However, with proper cleaning, the seat of the toilet becomes white again. This is how it works.

It is a natural part of household chores to clean the toilet regularly. Nevertheless, it happens that the toilet seat turns yellow over time. Conventional cleaning of the toilet seat can often do nothing against this: The unsightly discolorations on the toilet remain. However, this does not have to be the case. We know how to restore the yellowed seat of the toilet to its former glory.

This is how the discoloration of the toilet seat occurs

The first assumption is unfortunately correct. The yellow discoloration on the toilet comes from urine. Once the toilet has been discolored, the usual cleaning agents for the toilet can no longer do much. The urine virtually eats into the plastic of the toilet seat. If the urine dries, the pH value increases and the ammonia it contains reacts. If the yellowed areas are on the top of the toilet seat or on the toilet lid, they are usually caused by UV light. These discolorations of the toilet are particularly common when the toilet seat is made of polyserin.

Home remedies to clean yellowed toilet seat

While common cleaning products are not effective against the yellowed areas of the toilet seat, you certainly have one of the following home remedies at hand that will make the toilet seat white again.

  • Clean toilet seat with vinegar

The mixture of vinegar, lemon and baking soda is an effective combination if the seat of the toilet is speckled with yellow stains and you want it to shine again in its original color. Mix vinegar, lemon juice and the baking soda to form a viscous paste, which you then apply to the discoloration of the toilet seat. Leave the home remedy on the toilet for two to three hours, and then wipe the vinegar paste off with clean water. The yellowing should be gone.

  • Remove discoloration with oven spray

Yellowed toilet seats are also a thing of the past by cleaning them with oven spray. Spray the spray on the affected areas of the toilet and let the foam sit for 10 to 15 minutes. The spray adheres to the toilet seat and literally pulls the yellow residue out of the material. Then wipe off the spray with clean water.

  • Soak toilet seat in dishwasher tabs

Dishwashing tabs can also be used to clean the toilet. However, you must first remove the seat of the toilet to let it soak. Fill a container that the seat completely fits into with hot water and dissolve two to three dishwasher tabs in it. Then place the toilet seat in the solution and let it soak for two to three hours. After that, the discoloration of the toilet seat will be gone.