No one can deny it: there is nothing more elegant and simpler than the color black! Moreover, it slims and brightens the complexion. But if you want to wear dark clothes too often, they will become dull and lose all their shine when washed. Fortunately, there is an effective way to restore the full intensity of black. We’ll tell you all about it.

Just like white clothes, dark clothes deserve our full attention. At the slightest washing mistake, your dress, shirt or classic and timeless pants can be damaged and turn gray. So, if you have a few favorite pieces that are starting to lose color and become dull. Don’t panic! Thanks to a single product, the fibers of your fabrics can be preserved.

How to wash and revive black clothes without bleaching them?

Over time, dark clothes discolor and their pigments become dull. Of course, choosing the right temperature and washing program is the key to prolonging their life. Therefore, these gestures must be accompanied by the right products to prevent black clothes from washing out in the machine. Therefore, some people use tea to find a radiant black!

The properties of tea to care for dark laundry

Do you usually drink tea infused in the morning or afternoon? So be aware that this product, which increases your energy, can also do good to the fibers of black fabric. In laundry care, tea is often used for its softening properties, but especially for its amazing effect on dark clothes. Tea is rich in tannins, which enable it to enhance the blackness of dark clothing and protect it from possible discoloration. from possible discoloration. And that’s not all: tea is a natural antifungal agent that protects clothes from mold and bacteria. If you use it, black clothes will be clean, healthy and full of vibrancy!

How to clean dark laundry with a tea bag?

Modern washing machines are usually designed to offer wash cycles that adapt to materials and colors. For dark or black clothes, a short program of 85°F is best. Be careful, do not mix colors. Also, always prefer air drying! Now, that you’ve mastered the proper technique, let’s move on to one of our tried-and-true tips recommended by grandmothers for taking care of dark laundry. This is to use tea bags before putting the clothes in the washing machine.

  • In a bowl of hot water, add one or two infused tea bags and a cup of apple cider vinegar.
  • Submerge your dark clothes in the basin and let it soak for two hours. Once you are ready to put them in the washing machine, take them out of the water!
  • Wash the clothes as you normally would according to the recommendations above.

Here we go, your black clothes will get back their beautiful dark look!

How to return the color black to its full intensity? Other natural tricks

Are you looking for other solutions to preserve your beautiful black clothes? Look no more! A series of natural and accessible products can preserve the black color of your basics. Follow the guide to apply the right methods!

How to revive black with baking soda?

Our grandmothers never stopped praising the benefits of baking soda! This ecological and economical product is very effective in cleaning and refreshing the color of laundry. So, how do you use it on dark clothes? The principle is simple:

  • In a bowl or large container, mix one cup of baking soda with one quart of hot water.
  • Let the clothes soak for an hour.
  • Then remove the clothes from the basin and put them directly into the drum of the washing machine or wash them by hand.

There you go, the baking soda has worked its magic. Your favorite shirt will always be so pretty!

How to strengthen black with coffee?

The other essential trick to finding the black cast of fabrics is to use coffee. Yes, you read that right! This energy drink, just like baking soda, strengthens the fibers in your black clothes. All you have to do is pour a cup of coffee into the fabric softener compartment of the washing machine when rinsing. If you don’t want your black clothes to smell like coffee, don’t hesitate to do a second rinse cycle. This will keep black clothes looking like new!

How to use the vinegar and salt duo to preserve the blackness of your laundry?

Vinegar is once again among the top 5 products to care for dark clothes. To take advantage of its softening properties, you can mix it with another ingredient: salt.

  • When rinsing, add 1 cup to the drum of the washing machine.
  • Then add 1/3 lb. of salt.

This combination effectively preserves the blackness of the laundry. The vinegar actually acts as a softener and the salt as a bleaching agent.

How do I remove dust and lint from black clothes?

Nothing is more annoying than a linty garment, especially if it is black. To remove it effectively, use a roll of special tape. This is handy for a quick clean-up that won’t damage the fabrics. Another good tip is to dampen a soft cloth and gently pass it over the area affected by dust and other residues. And the job is done!

You now know how to preserve the black color of your clothes. It is useful to follow the main steps of each trick to achieve a satisfactory result. It’s your turn to try the experience.