If your tomato plants are suffering, this is the solution to save them!

In fact, under certain climatic or territorial conditions, tomatoes can suffer from the absence of calcium, a condition that could even jeopardize their survival.

In this case, in fact, the plant is unable to absorb the necessary nutrients, so much so that it shows visible apical rot. This can be due to several factors: among them, certainly, we find too abundant irrigation, or irregular and inconstant. Unfortunately, this summer, drought, alternating with sudden and violent thunderstorms, does not allow optimal management of the vegetable garden. If, then, the soil is rich in lime, the roots cannot penetrate deep enough to easily reach the calcium underneath, and the plant suffers.

A similar argument can be attributed to improper fertilization: potassium and nitrogen, when too concentrated, risk compromising proper stem development.

Finally, high temperatures also affect the proper transpiration of the leaves, suffocating them.

But do not despair! Everything can be remedied!

Put it urgently in your vegetable garden, if your tomato plants are reduced like this!

If you have recognized in the above conditions the reasons why your tomato seedlings are not developing properly, then do not hesitate to supplement calcium carbonate directly into the soil.

You will find that in a very short time, they will become healthy and lush again.

Go to a specialized store and ask your trusted nurseryman for information. He will recommend a kind of white flour in doses of 2/3 pounds to 3 feet.

Do not overdo it; you will risk making the situation worse by causing the plants to wilt prematurely. When you resort to calcium implementation, do not forget to fertilize the soil as well. You will see that the seedlings will reinvigorate quickly.


To avoid running into such problems, remember to plant tomatoes in soils that enjoy constant irrigation. Limit nitrogen supplementation, rather resort to nitrate or calcium carbonate to fertilize and alkalize the soil. Alternate the fertilization traditionally recommended for tomatoes with mineral superphosphate (high in calcium). And you will enjoy the fruits of your labor and care in abundance.