A fragrant bathroom is what we always want, and all it takes is a roll of toilet paper to make our wishes come true. You’d never imagined it, would you? But with this simple and effective trick, you can diffuse a pleasant fragrance for hours on end. Let’s take a look.
Perfume your bathroom with the toilet paper trick.

Simply use a roll of toilet paper to scent your bathroom for hours.

To scent the bathroom with toilet paper, you don’t just need a roll, you also need the essential oil you love.

Pour 5 drops inside the cardboard box, without using toilet paper, otherwise you’ll reduce its usefulness to nothing. You’re all set! Easy, isn’t it? Just don’t overdo it, or the environment will become too nauseating. Repeat the operation on several rolls and place them in a basket or roll holder to enjoy the result.

If you’re not sure which essence to choose, orange, cinnamon, lavender, lemon and tea tree oils are the most tenacious. These 5 in particular are capable of cleansing the area of germs and bacteria.

But that’s not all. We’d also like to suggest some other methods for scenting the bathroom.

Ecological solutions for scenting the bathroom

There’s no need to spend money on the right air freshener when you can make a cheap, effective air freshener by DIY.

Get yourself a bottle of vape, 2 glasses of water, 10 drops of essential oil of your choice, 2 tablespoons of baking soda.

Put the ingredients in a bowl, mix well and place in the vaporizer. Now spray two or three times. What a wonderful fragrance! Don’t forget to shake it vigorously each time before use.

You could also try rose petals. Let them dry, then place them in an airtight glass container. Pour in some olive oil and coat them completely, then place them on a windowsill with plenty of sunlight for a week.

Strain the oil, then pour it into a jar, place wooden sticks around it and leave it on a bathroom shelf.

You can also prepare a potpourri with flower petals, citrus peel and cinnamon, all of course after drying. Put everything in a mortar, crush it and place it in a small bowl. To enhance the fragrance, you can add a few drops of lemon essence.