Even new towels sometimes become hard and scratchy after only a few washes. The problem can also be remedied with the help of home remedies.

Hard towels are not just a luxury problem. Of course, they feel less pleasant on the skin than fluffy and soft textiles. But the crux of the matter is that hard towels also have a reduced ability to absorb moisture. To help you dry off properly again in the future, here’s an overview of the most common causes and, more importantly, the solutions for getting towels soft again through washing and cleaning or home remedies.

The causes of hard towels

  • Highly calcareous tap water
  • Use of fabric softener
  • Incorrectly dosed detergent
  • Incorrectly filled washing machine
  • Incorrect drying

Whether the water in your region has a high lime content is, of course, out of your hands. How you operate your washing machine, on the other hand, does. For towels to feel pleasant on the skin in the long term, the correct dosage of detergent is crucial: too much and it builds up in the textile fibers, too little and limescale residues settle in. So, follow the manufacturer’s instructions as closely as possible. The same applies to the filling of the machine. Do not exceed the specified upper weight limit and do not fill the drum to the brim. Regular cleaning of the washing machine also improves the result.

These washing tips from grandma have had their day

Drying success depends on airflow. If the towels are sufficiently in motion during the process, the fibers will straighten themselves and the result will be wonderfully fluffy.

The simplest solution: start the dryer

Owners of a tumble dryer usually don’t know the towel problem at all. The reason is that the fabric in it is perfectly ventilated and swirled around. The textile fibers straighten up and the surface is and remains cuddly soft. So use the device, if available, not only for your clothes. If you put towels in it, i.e. well spun laundry, you even save electricity.

How to dry towels properly in the air?

Many dry their towels in the air. The result depends mainly on the air circulation. If the towels swing freely in the wind on the clothesline in the garden or on the balcony, the fibers also remain fluffy. If the air stands still, they remain stuck together and correspondingly hard. Therefore, try to provide sufficient draught. This can be done even inside the house. Simply place the clothes rack near the window. Tenants do not have to worry either: Laundry drying in the apartment is allowed. Especially with older towels, it can help if you also shake them out vigorously. Not only when you take them off, but already before you hang them up, i.e. directly after you have taken them out of the machine.

Home remedies to save old towels

Favorite towels, old pieces and those from the bathroom that you should change especially often, you can get soft again with a simple home remedy.

Mix vinegar and water in a ratio of 1:2 and soak the towels in it for half an hour to an hour. Then rinse them briefly with clean water and wash them in the machine as usual. The vinegar frees the fibers from lime deposits, which, by the way, you can also get rid of in the shower with a home remedy, namely baby oil, and prevents new ones from settling immediately. Mixtures of citric acid can also work, but are more suitable for white towels than for colorful beach towels. The agent can bleach the colors.