Pets are those special beings that we have chosen to have so that they comfort us, give us love, help us in our moments of loneliness and, above all, to have an excellent life partner. Dogs and cats are the most common, but we know that from the moment we adopt them, our task will not be easy if we do not know at least some secrets that will allow us to live together comfortably.

The beautiful kittens can cause us some inconveniences that can be perfectly fixed with time. We know that their urine has a very strong smell and is very difficult to cover. Therefore, one of the best solutions to this problem is to teach them to urinate in the right place. But sometimes, for different reasons, the little animal changes its behavior and starts marking other areas in the house and urinating everywhere in the house. Next, we will give you some tips to make your kitten behave well and urinate in the sandbox again.

A homemade solution to prevent it from happening in a certain place


  • 1 cup water
  • 1 cup of white vinegar
  • a sprinkler

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Put the water in a container
  • Now add the white vinegar.
  • mix very well
  • Put this mixture in a sprayer
  • Spray the mixture in all the places where we notice that our cat has urinated and we don’t want him to do it again.

A tray in the right place

The tray or sandbox must be the right one and placed in the right place. Cats do not like to defecate near food or water places, so this can be an important reason. We can also have a sandbox with a lid so that our kitten has grown and is not comfortable climbing in and out; So, cap off and done. Another problem with the location is the place. If it is very noisy or there is a lot of activity nearby, it may be important for the cat not to want to go there.

The tray is always clean

The dirty tray is usually the victim of this change in behavior. Clean hygienic pebbles are essential so that our pet can easily do their emergency at any time. It may also happen that the type of product you use also affects them. For example, there are pebbles that contain fragrances, and this is not good for many animals. Therefore, it is important to keep the tray clean or choose the right sanitary stones.


Any change in the environment can cause stress for your cat. One change that usually causes this behavior is a change in environment. This may be because we have moved or simply changed the location of his litter box. They need their normal habits and those that they have acquired in their lives, so any change is not easy for them, and it will be a matter of time before they adapt. Another issue to consider is the arrival of a new pet.

Visit to the vet

We can’t help but mention that urinary tract disease can be due to your kitten changing this behavior. So, if none of the above fits your problem, it’s time to consult your doctor and restore harmony and health of your cat with a simple treatment.