Sitting in the office or on the train on hot summer days? Sounds sweaty! We tell you what helps best against sweating.

Special case sweaty feet: What helps against sweating on the feet?

Even though sweating can quickly become unpleasant, sweating is not bad in itself and is even important for our bodies. The thin film of moisture that forms on the skin cools the body and protects us from heat stroke. So, it’s pretty clever! However, if we sweat so much that our clothes stick to our body and our hair sticks to the back of our neck, it can be really unpleasant. Whether we belong to the “heavy sweaters” is largely in the hands of our genes.

They ensure that some people’s two to three million sweat glands, which are distributed over the body, hardly secrete any fluid, while others get damp armpits at the slightest movement. But fortunately, by following a few tips, we can also have some influence on how much we sweat ourselves.

What helps against sweating? 5 simple tips

  • Tip 1: Drink sage tea

Sage is not only a popular remedy for sore throats and throat. The medicinal herb is also a good home remedy against increased sweating, because it regulates perspiration. Therefore, drink lukewarm sage tea two to three times a day. For a cup of tea, pour boiling water over 1 heaping teaspoon of dried sage leaves. Let the tea steep for 7- 10 minutes. Dr. med. Franziska Rubin recommends a sage tea cure after a maximum of 4 weeks to pause.

  • Tip 2: Alternating showers instead of cold showers

If it’s hot outside, there’s nothing more refreshing than a cold shower. But: Afterwards you sweat even more, because your body reacts to the temperature shock. Much better for heavy sweating: Get into the habit of alternating showers. The alternation of warm and cold water stimulates the circulation of the skin and you sweat less. Note: Be sure to finish your alternating shower with lukewarm water.

  • Tip 3: Wear loose, breathable clothing

Synthetic fibers (such as polyester) are taboo on warm days. Not only does heat build-up underneath – when you sweat in synthetic fibers, it usually smells unpleasant much faster.