Garlic is an indispensable ingredient in the kitchen. It is versatile and brings a lot of flavor when you add it to your sauces, meats, vegetables, etc. Garlic can be stored in bulbs or whole heads, in cloves or peeled. However, it is important to store it in a place where it cannot sprout or become bitter. Discover some tricks to preserve all the flavor and freshness of garlic for as long as possible without drying it out.

How do you store garlic to keep it fresh for as long as possible?

Garlic is often thought of as an herb, but it is actually a bulb with a strong flavor. It is used in a variety of forms and preparations, sometimes for medicinal uses. Fresh garlic is common in stores and gardens. Whether you buy it or grow it, you can keep it longer by storing it properly. Garlic adds a unique aroma and flavor to many dishes. It’s very important to store it well so it doesn’t lose its properties and deteriorate too quickly. Here are some practical tips to help your garlic last longer.

How to store fresh garlic?

Never put fresh garlic in the refrigerator for a long time, it will start to sprout. You can still eat it, but it will become bitter and less aromatic. Fresh garlic keeps best in dry, dark places. Don’t put garlic in a drawer, put it in a ventilated place. Make sure you don’t put it in aluminum foil, paper bags are much better.

How to store peeled garlic?

If you like to peel garlic and store it this way, remember one rule: airtight packaging is essential. Keep peeled garlic in the refrigerator for up to a week. A good trick is to marinate the garlic in olive oil. This method creates flavored oil that you can later use for frying .

How to freeze garlic?

In order for the garlic clove to retain all its benefits and properties, it is necessary to take care of a good storage. Freezing is a smart way, so you do not lose any of its benefits. It is also good to freeze excess garlic. Peel and separate all the garlic cloves and then spread them evenly on a baking sheet lined with baking paper. Cover the baking sheet with aluminum foil, then freeze overnight. You can also freeze chopped garlic cloves. To make it easier to use later, do it in ice cube molds.

Tips for choosing fresh and tasty garlic

Choose good quality garlic (preferably organic) and to ensure its preservation, here are our tips:

  • The garlic bulb or tip should be firm to the touch and not give under light pressure.
  • It should be firm, with smooth, dry skin and no signs of mold (black spots).
  • If the bulb is soft, it is probably overripe and will not keep long.
  • If the garlic has sprouted, that is a clear sign that it has expired.
  • Avoid buying frozen garlic at the supermarket.

So, when buying, take the time to choose the right garlic and follow these tips to keep it fresh and tasty for as long as possible.