Clogged toilet what to do? There is this simple basin method that solves the problem in just a few minutes.

Clogged toilet? The first thing to do is to understand the causes to proceed with the most appropriate solution. To cause such a jam, over time may attract other problems that need to be monitored immediately so as not to aggravate the situation. That’s not all, because it is important to listen to the experts and technicians, thanks to the proposal of the pelvic method: In just a few minutes, the toilet can be used again without stress or additional costs.

What are the most common causes of a clogged toilet?

The moment you notice the clogged pipes, there are a number of problems to evaluate, ranging from a simple bad smell to a lack of drainage. Over time, clogs also cause water to leak from plumbing fixtures and potentially flood the entire bathroom area. The causes can be many and in serious situations, it is important that a professional plumber intervene immediately. In other cases, it is simple and solved in a few minutes using the basin method.

Before you find out what it is, it is important to check what clogged the toilet. Among the first causes is certainly the limestone that accumulates over time and clogs the sewer system, which manifests itself through difficulties in drainage and bad odors. Of course, we must not underestimate the mistake of having thrown some objects in the toilet or simple non-biodegradable wipes that roll along the pipe and clog the passage. Hair is also responsible for blockages in drains, as well as the grease generated by detergents or cleaning products used to clean sanitary ware. You will know that your toilet is clogged as soon as water accumulates in it, bad odors permeate the environment, and you notice hair/dirt floating in the toilet water.

Method for clogged toilet bowl: expert advice

As mentioned earlier, it is important to call a trusted plumber immediately in a serious situation. He himself will be able to understand what happened and use professional tools to solve the problem in a few steps.

For minor problems, the pelvic method is excellent for unclogging and returning the toilet to its original condition (also to counteract unpleasant odors). To proceed, take two quarts of water and boil it in a large pot. Immediately after, pour it into a basin and then throw half of it into the toilet. Wait a few minutes and pour the rest of the water into the toilet as well, so that the hot water drains away by itself. To supercharge this method, add a tablespoon or two of baking soda to the water. The natural solution not only removes all the deposits in the drain, but also promotes hygiene and a good smell throughout the environment. As an alternative to baking soda, white wine vinegar is also an excellent ally thanks to its natural disinfecting and degorging properties: Only two tablespoons are enough.